1. Koda_

    Oregon Coastal blacktail

    I'm not certain Oregon coastal blacktail hunting is popular enough to generate much discussion here but its definitely a skill in its own right. Coastal Columbian Blacktail have their own distinct patterns it seems. Our season is off to a slow start and I'm hoping for some tips to spark my...
  2. Sgt. grizz

    Sitka blacktail deer Prince of Wales Alaska

    My buddy and I are wanting to do a self guided sitka deer hunting, in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Does anybody have any tips or knowledge they can share with me to make our hunt more successful and have a better time and more prepared for Inclement weather? We are mowing around the idea of...
  3. L

    CA Blacktail Hunting

    Drew a B zone tag for a CA blacktail hunt. It will be my first time for blacktail and first time in that zone, as I usually head out for muleys. For anyone who has hunted both, are there major behavioral differences between the two species, even though technically blacktail is a subspecies of...