My Stone Glacier 6900 Pack Review

    Hey Fellow Long Range Hunters, Figured I would link up another one of my review videos here, this time on my Stone Glacier 6900 pack. Don't let the click bait title fool you, yes I did sell it, but there is a twist at the end. Love this pack! Anyway here is the Rumble link; And for the...

    My Kuiu Mountain Star 2P tent review

    Hey fellow Long Range Hunters, Long time lurker on here, with a couple comments here or there but recently started coming to this site more and more as my other local forums go weirder and weirder. So I figured I would start to share more on this site. First being this a video review I put...
  3. Sgt. grizz

    Sitka blacktail deer Prince of Wales Alaska

    My buddy and I are wanting to do a self guided sitka deer hunting, in Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Does anybody have any tips or knowledge they can share with me to make our hunt more successful and have a better time and more prepared for Inclement weather? We are mowing around the idea of...
  4. D

    Trekking Pole to Shooting Stick Adapter "Quick-StiX"

    Hello, Long time Lurker of the forum here. Andy graciously gave me permission to share a product I developed. I have a small hobby business, Wiser Precision, where I manufacture and sell shooting sports related products. I recently just released a new product the "Quick-StiX" that turn a pair...
  5. 1

    I Need Help!

    Hey everyone! I am looking to get a day pack / weekend pack at an entry level budget. I am currently interested in two packs and am wondering if any meat hauling veterans can give me some advice. The first pack is the Killik Mountain 2800ci Hunting Pack and the Alps Outdoorz Hybrid X. They are...