Trekking Pole to Shooting Stick Adapter "Quick-StiX"


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Jan 6, 2017
North West Washington

Long time Lurker of the forum here. Andy graciously gave me permission to share a product I developed.

I have a small hobby business, Wiser Precision, where I manufacture and sell shooting sports related products. I recently just released a new product the "Quick-StiX" that turn a pair of trekking poles into a very solid set of shooting sticks.

I figured this would be right up the ally of several members on this forum, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on it, so please post comments or ask me questions!

I'm also trying to get the word out on these, so if anyone is interested in reviewing or helping out in any other way I would greatly appreciate it!

Here's a link to the product which will give photos with listed features and specs:
There's also more photos on my Facebook page as well:




Let me know what you guys think!

I have seen these in person, they’re the real deal! Please purchase, put them through their paces, give him feedback on how to better the product. He is a shooter/hunter and only wants to benefit the community with ideas like these. Like he has said, ideas and feedback are welcome! I know I will be running a pair on my hiking poles this season.
Just ordered 2 sets. I can already tell they will beat the clothing snaps and velcro that I've used for years. Only thing that bothers me is the bulk and size....
That's great! I understand you probably haven't had much time to play around with them, but what do you think?
Thank you for getting me off my butt and installing them, Easy to install and they seem great. I haven't shot with them yet but played around with gun and them sitting on ground, kneeling down on knees body up and then sitting on knees butt on legs, I can adjust them for any of those shots and they seem steady.I was holding cross hairs on a 4" wide fence post at 250 yards and I could stay on it no problem, I think they will work great. huntsman 22 I don't think you will even know you have them on your sticks they are lite weight and not bulky at all. As you can see in the picture I had to trim some of the rubber coating off to make them fit where I wanted to put them because I wanted them above the cam lock so I would have a lot more adjustment.


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