Sierra Matchkings on game thread on Accurate Reloading

Great huh.All I was tring to do was stick up for a guy that was getting beat down and ended up gettin called every name in the book and some that are'nt.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is classic!!!!!!
I can't believe I read that whole thing.

Thanks for this forum again Len.

You guys have are ALOT more tolerant than I. I'm not a violent man, but he would have been picking himself up off the floor for his poor choice in words. Obviously ANY form of simple respect was not taught early on.
Hello Dave and Boyd

Wecome back from the war.

I have gone through what you just went through for about 25 years now.
There are some VERY narrow minded folks out there that are very tunnel visioned to their way, ONLY.
You will NEVER change their mind until they sit down behind a set of big optics and watch what happens to the game.

As per the Sierra thing, just talk to Rich Marcholtz (Ballistics) there and mention some of the ultra longrange shooters names and he will tell you they are using the Match king bullets. He knows of our success and has given my wife and I the Grand tour at the Sierra facility.

I know both of you gentelmen can walk the walk and talk the talk. DC has been around this LR sport for a long time now and knows when someone has the correct tools and knowledge to do what is needed to kill at longrange. Boyd, your fairly new to it and learning fast, good job on the 875 Yard kill.

You know, I would almost think that "Bill T" plays "Three Card Monte" on the side, and thinks he's the dealer.
You could almost count the beers reading over his replys. (probabily Old Milwaukee (sp))

Poor guy.

C'ya. John.
Some people are only a live because it is against the law to kill them. Other people just need to stay with the medication that helps them. What the hell is Bill T's problem? A lot of people seem to frown on long range killing, whether it is for sport, meat, or war. I had to deal with people like Bill T. when I was in the Marines. I think Bill is the same type that thinks Snipers are despicable, and that they can't actually kill troops at long range. There are thousands of dead people that would disagree with him. I have always wondered what made these people tick. Why do they always think that they are all knowing, and that their sence of morality is second to none? Maybe Arizona needs to issue some tags to clean up the human gene pool. I think Darwin would have something to say about Bill T.
I just read the post on Accuratereloading. Boy this Bill T guy needs to grow up. But you run into them everywhere. Like two weeks ago at the range. I am by no means in the class you all are in. But I can hold my own to 600 yds (that is the farthest I have practiced at). I shoot my 338 Lapua (Dave you know the one). My dad and brothers where there too. We shot at 100 and then at 200 yds. After reading the "Sierra" topic I swear this Bill guy was there at the range with us. He riped me a new one to my face about taking shots out to 500-600 yards. SO we moved the targets out to 500 yards and I put all 5 into a 4 inch group (not my best but good enough, had one flyer). This dispelled all doubt in everyone except this guy. He called it luck and started the name calling again. Some people you just have to walk away from. To bad for him I have not mastered that yet. It took my dad and both my brothers to pull me off him.

I commend both Dave and Boyd for there ability to remain calm and not stoop to this guys level. But one can only take so much crap until they crack. I guess I need to develope alittle thicker skin.

WOW, Holy S.... smokes.. I cant believe I read that whole thing.. I have to admit I literally broke out laughing at some of the comments Bill T made especially after I know about the abilities of Dave and Boyd, unbeknown to Bill. I would almost pay for everyone ( I said almost ) to goto Az to shoot against this guys in front of all of us to see him walk away with his tail between his legs. I have to goto AZ for some business and I almost took up the challenge on the 200 yards thing!!!
I wanted to get in on the discussion so bad it hurt but, I KNOW MY LIMITATIONS and I would have ended up ranting and raving... I did find it quite entertaining. I'm glad the moderator let it go on.
I still wish I could meet that guy face to face though...
I wonder what makes a guy like that tick? I feel sorry for those who are ignorant and have no idea they are....
I read the post's on the other page with interest. I find it amazing that people will believe everything they read, believeing that because it is in print it is gospel. I don't remember who made the statement of the 500 yard "chip shot", but it's true. Silhoutte shooters regularly practice this shot at 500 METERS. I belong to the Central Texas Silhoutte Association, and have been a member for several years. Some of the guys there regularly run the rams at 500. I don't understand Bill T's challenge at 200 yards offhand. This is where the Rifle silhoutte starts and the handgun silhoutte ends. What was the big deal about that? I think he would go ballistic if I told him people could shot groups offhand at 200 meters with a handgun. I have recently started to try long range with a hand gun and had JD Jones build me a revolver. I can cosistently hit the turkey silhoutte at 385 meters (not long distance but not bad for a 44 mag). Why won't people realize others have different more specialized interest and insist that if you don't conform to their way of thought you are a liar? I would like to thank all of the administrators for this wonderful site! It is much more comfortable for us outcast, who actually try different things and push the extremes of our abilities.

I offered him the video and he said he wanted it but has yet to send me his address.The video is not the greatest(had alot of sun) but the distance is undeniable.Anyway when I get his adderess I will send him a copy.Would anyone else like to see it?Let me know.One other thing.My skin is not as thick as you think.I even got a tear in my eye.I hav'nt laughed that hard in a long time.Later

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Boyd-shot you an e-mail!! Is that long range? GA to PA

Over 180 posts and nobody has changed their opinions.

I'm surprised there does not seem to be much information on different rifle ammunition and bullets that is established by scientific testing.

There is volumes of information available on penetration/temp cavity/permanent cavity/retained weight/expansion on almost any handgun ammunition you could purchase or reload.

If I had the time and money I would do extensive testing/documentation/reporting of the same things for rifle ammunition and bullets at velocities from say 1400-3600 fps.

I'm guessing the results would be shocking to many.

I have seen my own 30-06 put 168grSMK through 3/16" steel at 300 yards like nothing. started at around 2700 fps. MM
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