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Dec 2, 2002
I'm new to this board and from what I've read, I'm really a piker compared to you all when it comes to long range shooting. This issue has probably been discussed ad nauseum before, but I have a question that I hope someone will help with. Sounds like that Sierra Match Kings may be the bullet of choice. I thought that Sierra does not recommend them for hunting. My hunting is strickly for deer and I usually use a 257 Ackly, 264 Win or plain ol 270. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on whether SGK's would be good in these calibers for deer. By the way, 350 or 400yds is a long shot for me...yeah, I'm just a piker but I'd like to learn more! Thanks, Jim
I will post as though I know the answer to your question, but only because it has been so discussed "at nauseaum" on other boards.

The answer is, there is no answer. Many folks use this bullet with great success at the ranges you mention. Others wouldn't shoot their son-in-laws with 'em for fear they would not finish the job. Sierra recomends they NOT be used for hunting and there is no disputing that fact. But as far as facts go, that is the only fact I can confirm for you. Let your experience and the experience of others you trust be your guide.

Just for fun, go to and search "matchking". I think you will get all the info you desire on this subject. I know I sure have
Good luck! Jim R

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If memory serves me right, the SMK's have been used sucessfully on deer and elk from 18 to 2890 yards. I'm not sure what you call "long range" but I bet it falls somewhere between those two numbers.
Thanks for the response, guys. It does seem to have been a hot topic of discussion. Guess you just gotta reseach, experiment and reach your own conclusion. But then, that's what makes it interesting!!
Hello to all

The pic that Boyd posted for me was of a buck I killed yesterday morning. I wanted to also show what a MK does at close range to a nice size whitetail deer at close range. The same effect happens at Longrange too.

The matchkings have done this well with any rifle I have used from short range to extreme longrange over the years.

In the 264 Mag or 6.5/300 Weatherby, I like the 142 Gr MK, in the 7mms I like the 168 Gr MK, In the 300 Mags I like the 200, 220 and 240 gr MKs, in the 338 Super mags I like the 300 Gr MK, In the 270 I like the 135 Gr MK.

I use the 100 gr Ballistic tip in my 25/06 and 25 Gibbs because Sierra (at the time) did not make a MK. They do have a 117 gr HP though.

MKs have worked for me for several years now on Whitetail and mule Deer and elk.
They are extreme killers regardless of what you read from Sierra.

Check out the exit hole pics of the last Buck deer I killed yesterday on the "Boyd---8 Point this morning." It's under the 2000 yd section.

The reason Sierra does not call or recommend them a hunting bullet is because some fool would try to hunt African game or large Brown bear with them and then they would not do the job. They do have thicker jackets then some of the "so Called" hunting bullets and do expand well because of the small hollow point design.

As for thin skinned game such as deer, elk, carabou and Moose----They work excellent at close and longrange.

I have pics to back up this information.

Darryl Cassel

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I have killed a dall sheep and a caribou this year both with the 308 168 MK bullets at a speed of 2661. The bou was running at 300 yards and INSTANLY dropped and the sheep walked 2 steps at 763 yards. A buddy of mine killed an elk last Nov with a 180 MK at 430 yards. Give em a try, for long range hunting, you cannot kill what you cannot hit.
I have been using the 140 SST in my 264 this year for deer and hogs. Performance has been excellent. But you guys have about convinced me that I need to try the MK's I have a box of 6.5MM 140 gr SMK's. Would they be ok, or do I need the 142 gr MK's? Thanks, Jim
Southtexas, You said hogs.Do you mean pigs or groundhogs. If you were talking about pigs, have you tried them on groundhogs?
Frankg: I was referring to feral hogs (we got lots of 'em). Haven't ever fired in anger at a groundhog. Sounds like fun, though! Jim
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