Shot a wild boar last night

Pete Lincoln

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Mar 17, 2004
Well it wasn't exactly long range, maybe 20m.. but i shot a nice wild pig last night, first pig of the season, i was realy out after a roie buck, but 3 pigs came across between the larch trees infront of me about 45mins before dark. Shot him with Hronady light mag 165gr SST, bullet performed well, pig dropped on the spot.
Good start to the pig hunting season.
Congrats Pete,

Jes don' take another pic wi' the purse gun, jon thinks he's getting summot back for all the sheep shagger jokes when he brings that up.....ha

I shot it with the custom shop remmy action that is now mated to the stainless factory bbl i took off the action for me scotland rifle, didn't take a piccy cos i left me camera in me flat, then when i got back to the flat i broke the darn key in the lock and ended up having to break in, knackered the door in the process. had a lot of mixed luck yesterday, managed to lock the keys in the jeep whilst on a burger run yesterday morning too?? think i over did it at the weekend..
Hey here in California,Im planning on going boer hunting.Im gonna use a 270WSM with nosler 140 grian Acubond bullets,I've shot the load Im useing thru a chrony witch mesured at 3,200 fps.What kind of range should I limit this to.Is this a proper load,could also use a 300RUM.
The accubornd should do the job ok, my philosophy with pigs is to use as heavey a bullet as i can and always aim to break bone to anchor the beast. You should be ok with correct shot placement out to a fair old distance. just know your trajectory. Boar are the one game animal here in Europe where i woul;d also consider head shots as bieng acceptable, the boars head does not move around anywhere near as much as a deers head and provides a sizable target.
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