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May 14, 2003
Please delete my registration.

I have been recruited by a security/personal security company and over the past several weeks met all requirements and weapons quals. I will be travelling to the middle east very soon. Negotiations for the length of my watch while still retaining the bonus for accepting work in that part of the world occurred so I will be back in time for Alabama's deer season. If there are no objections, I will reregister then.

Thanks to Len for a great site and to all who have given me advice. I hope the sparse advice I have given might have helped someone.

Good luck big guy and take extra care, keep your wits about you and give trust sparingly. If you need anything give a shout here or on the other boards you frequent, many of us frequent the place you're known.

I believe we just leave your registration in place and you can take up where you left off if that's okay with you.
"Professional to all...friendly to none."

Watch your back & trust your team mates.
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