I won a wild boar hunt at


BIG MIKES, oh yeah, I know the place, right next to little sally's.

What state is BIG MIKES in?

BTW, you are a lucky little fart, you win all sorts of stuff. Need a partner? hint hint.

If its up near Wellsboro I may know of the place your talking about, if not, then I don't.

Have a happy holiday.

Don,it's in Pa...It's an 814 area code.....I think it's around Ebensburg somewhere.I have to call him Monday to make plan's....Gonna shoot one with a MK!!!!!!
Boyd, I'm doing one of those in NY January 7th. They are penned hunts so I would never do one for deer or elk. But, for some good pork I'm sure it will be fun!

I thought about what weapon I would use and decided since it is a penned hunt that I would use my bow so I can enjoy those tasty pork ribs!!!!

Good Luck & Happy Holidays
An acquaintance of mine did a similar hunt a while ago and he whapped a boar with a 168 J4 behind the shoulders, less than 150 yards with a .308 Win. and after a 7-8 hour search they gave up and never found the rascal. That is only one shot, one boar and one bullet so it might not mean a hell of a lot. I have shot a number of Texas critters with Sciroccos and Bear Claws and the .308 did a fine job.

It will be interesting to hear how you make out with Matchkings, might be worth having a Barnes, Failsafe or BearClaw in the magazine in case you need a second go at him.

Good luck, makin' bacon.
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