Wild boar ?


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Sep 28, 2006
Michigan Freeland
I shoot a 338-378 weath I shot one with a 225sst 103gr of IMR 7828 powder about 300yard away.It realy did a number on him tore him up bad.what might be a better bullet.The front shoulders and ribs pretty much gone.I'D like to get more good meat next time.
Well the pigs got that big sheet of cartlage (shield) behind their shoulder and thats gonna pretty much make any bullet expand fast like hitting the shoulder bone on deer. You might want to shoot a bonded bullet or maybe try the Barnes tripple shocks , or the old standard wich all great bullets are judged the Partition.
If it allows and you realy like the SST you can always shoot for the neck and head.
Most of the hogs we kill are problem animals and they are shot with a 22-250 and 52gr SMK's 99% of the shots are head shots but I have shot a few behind the shoulder and that little bullet does an impressive amout of damage to the lungs. But most of the time we catch them live cut them and feed them up with corn and grain to clean them out a bit befoe slaughter
JDJ, now is that what you just desribed "Hunting" or "Gathering"? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Are you trapping them or catching them with dogs?
i ve shot them with a 7 mag and 300 wm in the shoulder and behind the shoulder and had them run a long ways before dieing so i try to shoot for the head or neck when ever possible
The only shots we ever take on hogs is below the ear, or if they're looking straight at us through the eye. We mainly use .223, .22-250 or .243 and most any other .22 cal centerfire. Even at 350 yards my .77 gr bthp out of my .223 dropped a 275 boar dead in his tracks.

We never ever take shoulder shots, you mess up the meat, they run off and you have to track them. Go with the head shot.
How did the spotted one taste?

[/ QUOTE ]

LOL! He was yummy yummy. Basically it sent notice to my wifes flea bitten rodent cat that if he doesn't shape up, I'll make a mount out of him.
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