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Jan 26, 2002
I was wondering what position you guys use the most often? For example, prone with Harris bipod and rear bag; sitting without bipod; braced on tree or stump; Off-hand, etc. Also, if you could describe what tricks you use for stability I think this could be a really good thread.

I use the a bipod (or daypack) for front support and a sand sock in the rear for nearly all shooting at any considerable distance or when extra accuracy is needed.

I position myself in direct line with the rifle, not off at an angle like the older method.

I only apply very little pressure on the buttplate to "load" the bipod. I'm careful to always place my shoulder on the same spot on the buttplate. I like a little more pressure on the top of the buttplate to keep recoil to the rear and downward rather than having the barrel rise.

I lightly grip the palmswell and my non-shooting hand is on the sandsock, I use very little cheek pressure.
Hey Dave, just can't imagine packing in additional weight such as a sandsock while deer, elk or bear hunting. Pack already weights around 40 lbs.. Lets see, saw,hatchet,spare ammo,extra socks, gallon of water,small first aid kit,spare compass,small survival kit,rain gear,game bags,gps,rope,outer wear clothing,spotting scope/tripod,binocs,ect. ect.. I hike in quite a ways and pack a 15 pound rifle. Not to mention I mostly hunt alone. Like hikers, I'm always trying to cut weight. I also pack shooting stix for kneeling or sitting. Some of the brush I travel through would make it very difficult for a bipod on my rifle. It seems no matter where I try to hunt I always end up in the biggest hole closed off with brush, only I don't seem to notice this till I look up! littletoes.

Put your game bags inside one of your spare socks and you have a "sand" sock. You've got enough stuff, it's just arranged incorrectly.

I carry a small bag on a duty belt, inside the bag (I call it "my purse", it really irks the guys I hunt with) I carry my ammo, LASER, MilDot Master, 550 cord, flashlight(s). I also have a pouch for my GPS and I clip my sand sock to a caribiner on the side opposite my heavier bag.

I carry "my purse" even when I carry a pack as it containes everything I need to shoot with, I can drop my pack and haul *** (slowly for me) whenever I need.
If I had to haul *** right now I would have to make 2-3 trips. Definitely not down to my hunting weight right now. I keep some of the same things you do and usually a down jacket in my fanny pack. It works real well as a shooting aid. Rear bag with the bipod up front or as a front bag if the rifle doesn't have a bipod as I got into with a borrowed rifle in Alaska a couple of years back.

You crack me up, "purse".

Does anyone use a vest? I have been looking for a good vest for carrying most of my essential equipment, pretty much the same stuff that is in your purse dave (LOL). Seems like it would be much easier to balance, since it is closer to your center of gravity. I have been looking at Eagles Industries, they look great, but don't have the cash right now.
longrangehunter didn't meen to turn this into a "gear" chat! But everybody has some good ideas to share! Hey Dave, liked the "sock" idea. Anyone use a external frame pack when elk hunting?
I have used one of the Cabela's blaze hunting vests, the one with good pockets and a large pouch in the back and it is great. Not sure what they call it but it is a large fitting vest that will go over parkas etc. Soft, quiet material and well made.

I always carry Underwood shooting sticks, either in the belt case or in my pack. When stalking I carry or drag the sticks extended. Dave's sock idea is great, works fine but you have to remember to take them along. I usually just put my gloves in my hat for the rear rest - or anything that will give me a bit of a cushion and some support.

Have been on two or three hunts recently were I left the Harris bipod off and just took the sticks. They are both very good if you practice enough.
As long as were not talking about barrels or calibers *again* I'm happy. Get enough of that over on the other websites.

Yes, yes, Yes! I use a frame pack. I like to get away from the loser road hunters and the losers who spend all day on their quad runners. I packed in on my last 2 elk hunts. The Elk were taken inside an undisclosed wildness area 5 miles from the nearest road. I was able to pack out my last elk and gear in 4 or 5 trips. Took a day and a half. 25-30 miles. Oh, did I mention the 9500 ft elevation and 2,000+ ft climb? Most satisfying hunt I ever had.

As far as hunting I never carry more then 15 lbs of equipment. Usually about 5-7 lbs. I stash my heavy pack if I have one and just go with a fannypack.

I don't have shooting sticks although I have made bi and tripods in the field. Just lashing sticks together. I like to do this when I have a blind and the brush is high. Actually, I always *try* to set up on high ground above the opening so I can shoot prone.

Has anyone tried using the 9-13" Harris bipod in the sitting position? You put the feet of the bipod on your raised toes. The 13-23" bipod is better for sitting, but it won't work for prone. The 9-13 is fine for prone, although it is slightly on the high side. Of course, the 6-9 bipod is only good for prone.
I use the 9-13" harris, haven't ever tried putting it on my toes though, not a bad idea.

I use the harris for prone shooting only. I usually find a high spot that overlooks deer trails that allows me to shoot prone. I want to get some shooting stix as there is a lot of saige brush where I hunt. I can't decide between the tent pole type and the new models with a yoke rest with fully adjustable legs.

The short harris is useless where I hunt, way to short.


I think I know what vest you are talking about. Looks great but one question, how do you get your gear out of the large back pocket?
longerangehunter, this is GEG. It will not
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scope. Thanks GEG
Fact is you can't get at the back pocket readily without taking off the vest. That only takes a short time. It is OK for stuff you don't need to get at quick. More likely to use it for a lunch pack, water jug, extra gloves and a down vest or whatever, there is quite a bit of room in it. I like the big pockets up front.
I use a fanny pack or backpack quite a lot and like to shoot over the backpack if time permits. Really like the new fanny packs with the padded shoulder straps.
What kind of hunting are you planning on doing? Walking in 7 miles or just setting up 200 yards from the truck? I hunt in the high country so I make sure I'm prepared. I never hunt with a full size backpack - that stays in camp. I like a fannypack because the weight is supported by my hips instead of shoulders. The biggest things I bring are optics. A spotting scope and binoculars take up a lot of room. I also make sure I have whatever is necessary to survive 1 night in the woods. 100 Matches in case, lighter, flint/tender, space blanket, 2 flashlights, knife, water, whistle, cord, mirror, poncho, thermals, socks, compass, energy bars, sunblock, knit cap, etc. That's hunting heavy. The poncho and extra clothes only go on full day expeditions. I would say the whistle, matches, and water are the 3 most important. A cell phone could be handy in some areas, but don't count on it. I always have a good topo map.
Hey longrange, drop the sunblock, add saw and small hatchet for quartering elk. Mine is a backpack, a three day er. Carry rain gear and a heavy coat for when I find a place to stop and glass for several hours. Nighthawk- earlier in this thread I have already listed most of what I take along. Left out-small gun cleaning kit(otis), 2 knives, energy bars like longranghunter, small maglight, 20 rounds extra ammo, and small tools such as Leupold torx driver for rings and bases and small allen wrench for scope "just in case". When my dad comes along I also pack a large thermos of coffee! (ITS A REAL KILLER!) but it keeps him happy. And you can just bet if it'll make hunting a little easier for 'im, I'll put up with the weight. Had a good friend pas away this past sunday. When he was in the hospital all I could think about was my dad. I'm gonna hunt with him as long as I can, life's too short. I know he cant be as hard core as I am anymore, but when he decide's to go with me, hell, its worth the sacrafice. littletoes
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