Shooter App for Android


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Feb 2, 2008
Star, ID
I have downloaded this recently after finally getting a "smart" phone.

I have been slow to really understand the Elevation-Atmospheric Pressure-Absolute Pressure aspects of working this. Being in Boise, Id where I practice at 2500' and hunt at 8000' it makes more of a difference than I originally thought.

Seems to work. I like having the ability to set it up for general atmospheric condition of the day, +/- 20 deg is only .25moa at 800 yards, and then just plug in the angle if more than 10 degrees, click and shoot. For quick shots under 400, I can use my reticle(Vortex).

Has helped me gain confidence a bit past last years 600 yard limit, but only in very good conditions. Hits all the way to 800 yards have landed sub 1/4moa. Fact is wind is still the biggest limiting factor. No computer can make a wind stay steady though.....
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