Shilen built 7STW


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Feb 28, 2011
WA State
Trying to figure out what this setup may be worth for my brother in law…

It’s a Heavy barrel, McMillan stock, built on a rem 700.
It says “built by shilen” on the barrel.
It shoots amazing, but never gets shot.

He did get the barrel threaded by Kampfeld so he could put a suppressor on (but don’t believe he ever shot it with one)
Has some brass, dies, ect..

Any popularity with these these days, or is everyone onto 28 nosler? Lol


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I’ve always wanted a 7 shooting times western myself. I’ve also had many shilen barrels and everyone of them can shoot. Criterion barrels are made same as Shilen and they’ve all been superbly accurate for me as well.
I sold my 28 Nos last year and am glad I did though I did have a little heart burn about it. 7STW should be slightly less overbore than 28 Nos which is a good thing to me.
If it were me I’d be looking into what the twist is on the barrel and freebore is to plan on which bullet range it will shoot.
If the round count is low, it’s a shooter, and you can get components with it (or find them in stock which would be the issue for me) than I’d say go for it if you like it.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the STW. There are many that have to have the latest and greatest. Would make a great blind gun or bench gun. Problem with selling it, is most will not want a gun that heavy. Looks like a nice rig. Good luck on selling it. My guess on value would be in the $1000.00-1300.00 range.
Yeah you might want to include barrel length and twist along with weight. Looks like it might be close to a sendero weight which ain't bad but not sure by the picture. The STW is truly an amazing cartridge. I have two of them now and love them both. Only regrets I have is not buying brass by the bulk when I had the chance years ago. It's still out there you just have to hunt for it or make it yourself now.
I love love love my m70 STW. 26", 9 twist, pushfeed. Originally a .338, I sent it off to PacNor for a rebarrel. The STW got me interested in the 8mm Mag (CZ 550, PacNor, 26", 10 twist) so now I have plenty of brass for both!! Rabbit holes seem to have multiple tunnels...
Nice rifle. Looks about similar in size and weight to my Rem 700 Sendero in 7STW with fluted 26” SS barrel with 1:9.5” twist (if memory serves). I believe mine weighs about 9 lbs bare wt. Great rifle and great cartridge. Mine is a little heavy to hike around mountains with, but great long range beanfield or blind rifle — the weight helps it settle down well and hold stable. I get about 3400 fps with 140 gr bullets, which shoot flat and are devastating on light and medium game. Extremely accurate (3 shots average 1/2”, and 100 shots into 1.5” fire-forming cases over several days). Also, very easy to load for. Not sure if you’re buying or selling, but my guess would be that it was built in the 1990s or early 2000s, when there was great interest in the cartridge. They are not as common anymore, so cases and data are harder to find which may lessen the value of the rifle for some. However, I neck-sized and fire-formed Norma 300 Wby cases — great cases and easy to fire-form. I personally really like this cartridge as it will shoot 140-160 gr bullets with ease, accurately, and at high velocity. I believe the pendulum is moving too far in the direction of extremely heavy bullets for all but ELR disciplines. I think most shooters are better served with mid-weight bullets paired with mid-twists, at higher velocities. Depending on use, condition, accuracy, and action work, I would guess the value in the $1000-1500 range. I think it would serve you well if you are looking for that type of rifle. Good luck.