Sheep Shoulder Mounts (with slick skinny necks)

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    Aug 28, 2017
    I notice with many of the mounts I am seeing these days, regardless of species,whether it is big well-known shop or small shop, that the necks on the mounts are slick and skinny. Aside from some July harvest pics on younger rams, it seems most of the harvest pics I see the ram does not have this skinny, slick, tight-coated neck. I took a look at the molds on McKenzie and the necks are kind of skinny, and I realize that dictates alot, but it seems like the coat could have a little bit of texture to it instead of looking slick and pressed down.

    I'm not thinking it needs to look like a lion's mane either, but somewhere in the middle that looks like they do in the harvest pics.

    Are the taxis doing this to make the horns look bigger? That's the only thing I can figure

    Please help me understand this. This could be ignorance on my part, but they just dont look right to me based on pics I see of them on the hoof...If I get lucky enough to harvest one, I do not want it to look like some of these I am seeing...
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    Dec 23, 2014
    I think it primarily relates to when the sheep was taken. July/August rams will look more skinny/slick due to the hair being short. I purposely wanted and took a ram in late Sept. so the hair would be long. That ram has a neck that looks like a 'linebacker'! My early Sept. bighorn is pretty slick while my bighorn taken a couple weeks later in Sept. has longer hair/thicker neck.
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    Aug 6, 2013
    An acquaintance shot a collared desert ram here in Az. His taxidermist purchased a hide from the Game and Fish (road kills or poached hides). It wasn't cheap, but the neck looks so much better than the bare skin from the collar.