Seekins - Platinum Customer Service


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Feb 9, 2017
About 3 months ago I took my Havak PH1 6creed into a guy to cerekote the barrel and paint the stock. I received a call a few weeks later from the guy letting me know that my gun was done but he had some issues with my stock during the cerekote process. Long story short, my stock was massively deformed during the coating process and I assumed the stock was unsafe to use so I called it a loss.

I called up Seekins and let them know that someone accidentally melted my stock during cerekote process and their response was “not a problem, send the rifle back to us and we’ll take care of it”

I asked the CS rep if he was kidding and he laughed and said, “nope, send it in and we’ll get you fixed up.”

So I called my “guy” and told him to ship my rifle to Seekins. 2 weeks later I received my rifle back at my front door with a brand new PH2 stock bedded to my cerekoted action and updated bolt parts at ZERO CHARGE. They even called me to let me know they were finished with my rifle and had replaced other items on the gun and everything test fired perfectly.

I was so taken back by my experience that I had to pass on the info to this group. It was clearly operator error from my “guy” that destroyed the stock and Seekins took care of the cost too replace the stock and went above and beyond to ensure my rifle was in good order. Customer service is a dying breed in todays society and Seekins clearly has that part nailed.

Kudos to Seekins and a big thanks for their efforts.