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May 12, 2006
Picked up a new 280ai to be my do all rifle. shoots 140s to about 3200 and 160s to 3020. I originally planned on a vortex razor LH 3-15x42 in fact already mounted 1" talleys. Now kind thinking about the Huskemaw in the 4-16x44. Any thoughts? I have the vortex on my stw and while only on for about 6 months it seems to be fine. thanks guys I have no huskemaw experience at all
My son has a Huskemaw 5-20x50 on his 280AI. Glass is comparable to nightforce nxs. tracks well. Fast focus eye piece is nice. The only thing I'm not crazy about are the 1/3 moa clicks. He is in the process of having a lr muzzleloader built and is putting the 4-16x44 on it.
I have used two Huskemaws on my LR rifles for several years. They have performed superbly. Glass and turret tracking is comparable to my Nightforce scopes. I much prefer the fast ratio side parallax design, and lighter weight of the Huskemaw over the NF. Highly recomended.
Man thanks guys I do a lot of backpack stylengunting was concerned about weight but this gun with Talley’s is only 6.8 lbs if I read correctly with the 4-16-44 huskemaw should put me a hair over 8. I need to Def take a look.
I have a couple of the huskemaw scopes on a couple of my rifles. Actually don't have the one you are asking about. Have one above and one below the one you are asking about. They both seem to have pretty good glass and both track well. Would I purchase another? Yes definitely. I have a couple night force nxs scopes and as far as I'm concerned they are top notch. But with that said as I've gotten older weight seems to have become more important to me for a hunting rifle. May not interest you but a couple other suggestions that I feel have fairly good glass and track well are both the Leopold vx5 and vx6. Then one of my favorites is the 3-10x42 shv nighforce. Really like that scope. But in the end it's your money and your eyes. So you will need to go with whatever you have confidence in and looks good in your eyes. Good luck and be safe.
those of you who shoot the Husk, you think worth added weight? just curious do to doing a back pack hunting. thnx again for all the advise
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