scope suggestions

Well ive tested the scope a little more, found out several great things, one bad. The bad is that the windage turret. After sighting it in, i unscrewed the bolt and went to pull the turret cap off so i could put it to zero and it was stuck pretty good. Had to pry it off which was nerve racking to say the least but i got it and its no longer an issue now. Now the good, ive been back to the range a couple times, first test was to crank my stereo up on the way and see if it still held zero (my sub is loud enough to throw many scopes off zero) it passed that test though. I got to the range and my friend has a brand new nikon prostaff 3-9 and side by side at the lowest powers optics clarity was pretty even, both were awesome and neither had an edge over the other. But with mine cranked up to 14 and his up to 9 there was no comparison. The nikon looked white washed and blurry around the edges compared to the primary arms. It was like comparing a high def tv and an old tube tv. Granted my scope was $100 more than his, but that $100 got me external mil turrets, mildot, more magnification, better clarity, oh annnnnd first focal plane!!! Im glad i bought the scope, its not the best out there, ive seen other guys with much better scopes but for the money this thing cant be beat. Some day i may replace it with one of those swfa 3-15 but i definitely would keep it and put the primary arms on one of my other guns.
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