Scope click values over distance



Is this right?
1/4 MOA click value (true mathematical value)

100 yards = 0.2618
200 yards = 0.5236
300 yards = 0.7854
400 yards = 1.0472
500 yards = 1.3090
600 yards = 1.5708
700 yards = 1.8326
800 yards = 2.0944
900 yards = 2.3562
1000 yards = 2.6180

Now my question is my rifle with the load I am using drops 32 inches at 500 yards, at 500 yards each click equals 1.3090, 32/1.3090=24.4 clicks rounded up to 25 clicks. Is this correct?
32 inches is actually 30.557 MOA, do I have to convert the drop in inches to true MOA and then devide?
30.557/1.309=23.343 or 23 clicks.
Difference of 1.057
Not much of a difference but its only 500 yards when extropolated out to 1000 the difference will be exponetial.
Thanks for the clear up in advance.


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Mar 15, 2002
Tulsa Oklahoma
Given real world variations in all the things you have mentioned, you need to do actual field testing to show how much your rifle will vary from the calculated. Sounds like you got as close as possible with just a calculator.


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
Minute of Angle

32 inches is actually 30.557 MOA, do I have to convert the drop in inches to true MOA and then devide?

32/5= 6.4/1.047= 6.113*4= 24.452 clicks

Total drop in inches divided by distance in yards multiplied by MOA in inches at 100 yards times number of clicks per MOA.

32/1.308= the same thing, just faster.

30.557/1.309=23.343 or 23 clicks.

This is not correct.

Your crosshairs should move 32 inches down on the target at 500 yards if your scope clicks are actually calibrated to 1/4th MOA or .2618" thus 23.343 clicks would only compensate for 30.557 inches of drop. Hope that helps.


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Dec 12, 2002
Seeing your calculations certainly makes me appreciate the simple metric system, where:

1 mil = 10 cm/ 100m
1 click on european scope = 0.1 mil

Whereas the calculation for a 300m shot with a bullet drop of 42 cm would be:
42cm : 3cm click-value = 14 clicks.

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