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  1. corey suir

    corey suir Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    I am about to pull the trigger on a new rifle, a Cooper Timberline in 300 win. It has taken me about 2 years to make that choice. Now i am stuck as to which scope to put on it. i have narrowed it down to either a Swarovski Z6 3-18x50 or a Swarovski X5i 3.5-18x50. Both great scopes and near the same price.
    Most of my hunting will be from 25 yards out to 300 for whitetail deer. But I am trying to set up a hunt in the next few years for elk and mule deer and want to be able to take a shot out to about 500. I am liking the Z6 as it has capped turrets and i dont have to worry about adjusting the turret with out knowing it. On the other hand the exposed turrets for the X5i will make it quick to adjust once an animal is ranged. Plus it is illuminated for those early morning and late after noon shots.
    I keep going back and forth because i know 99.9999% of the time i will never make and adjustment in the field and dont want to worry about messing up my Zero. On the other hand for that 0.0001% where i will be on that elk and or mule deer hunt i want to have that option to make those quick adjustments available to me. I know Im talking in circles but this is whats going thru my head right now. I would like to know which one yall would/have chosen and why and are you satisfied with that choice. Thanks for everyones time. And if you think this is confusing you should really be in my head right now.