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Dec 30, 2007
Haslett Michigan
I am ready to move up from my beloved rem 308 and get into a longer range hunting rifle. I looked at the savage 110FCP-K 300 win mag, which is the law enforcement heavy barreled with accu-trigger, accu-stock, and muzzlebrake. The main reason for looking at this rifle is the price point. The reason for the 300 win mag, is due to the fact I am not a huge fan of high recoil. I am hoping with a break to keep the recoil around my 308. I am looking for advise with another possible rifle or any input about that rifle or the savage muzzlebrake. I have had alot of luck with rem 700 but alot of money went into making that gun a real shooter. Once again thanks for the help and happy shooting!
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I have one of these rifles. I have yet to shoot it, due to lack of glass. It got really good reviews. The dealer cost for this gun is $650 shipped. Just a heads up if you go to buy one, I've seen then as low as $699-$999.
You may want to wait a little to check out the longrange series Savage is releasing in January. I dont have any details but it seems very similar to the tactical series for less money.
The Savage model 11/111 long range hunter is in the 2010 catalog, so it's a go. Someone posted the link in another thread a couple days ago but I can't find it but I did save it to my hard drive.
It has the Savage adjustable brake on it in the pic not the baffle style which I think would be preferable.
It looks like the model your looking at will only come in 223 and 308 in 2010.:rolleyes:
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