S1- need NPR2 guidance


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Nov 10, 2001
S1, I've been a member here for quite some time but generally do more reading than posting. From what I have learned- you're involved in (if not responsible for) the NPR2 reticle. Well, I finally bought myself a 5.5-22 and will be mounting it on my .50. I know milradians well but I am also aware that there is more than just mils behind this reticle. Can you direct me towards a link or give me some advice on how to use this reticle properly. I will be shooting 300 rounds of ball through the rifle next weekend to become acquainted with the reticle. I will be in the desert so ranges will be out past 2000 yards. Thanks in advance for your expertise.
Thanks-- BC 1.05 (750 grain AMAX), I haven't chrono'd it yet but I think I'm at 2700 FPS. I will post back when I know for sure.
Thanks S1. The scope is coming UPS tomorrow so I'll have to mount it, shoot it and get back to you.
The scope is mounted and I have about 34 MOA until I hit the very bottom of my scopes elevation adjustment. I will shoot targets from 200 to about 1200 (Leica rangefinder limited), but would like to shoot further out once I get good with rangefinding with the reticle. I shoot at about 2800 feet, temps are in the 80's.
This scope is so nice I'm considering mounting it on my 338 RUM sendero so I can use it more. I don't reload for my 50 so the ammo is very expensive. Would the reticle work well with the 300 SMK at about 2700 FPS (BC ~.798)? What is your opinion on the new accubond and interbond offerings in 338?
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