S1-Nightforce ring question??


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Feb 22, 2002
Kenedy, Texas
S1, I have a Rem. 700 long action and a
1.25" barrel. I will be mounting a
Nightforce Benchrest model 8-32x56 on
it with a flat base IOR Picatinny rail.
Can you please tell me the Nightforce
rings I will need to just clear the bell
off the barrel? I want to use Nightforce
rings but just do not know the measurements
it will take to do it. Thanks GEG
Thanks for the reply. If I used a Nightforce
20moa rail, would the 1.125 rings let it
clear with the sunshade? I plan to use the
screw on caps that come with the scope.
Thanks again for your reply. GEG
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