NPR2 variables.??

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Hey guys.. I'm still trying out the NXS 8-32 I ended up getting.. The jury's still out on whether it'd truly worth the price paid.. I'm noticing a little POI shifting but since the scope currently sits atop a properly bedded and braked but still terminally factory Sendero 7Mag I can't say for sure that the problem lies with the scope.. Plus I've noticed that the hashmarks do not seem to truly be 2min according to my measurements.. Close, but no ceegar.. (Probably close enough for current uses, anyhow.. After deer season, when the Sendero is being "fixed", I'll try the scope on the RCR 7WSM for more persnikity work.)
..Anyhow, my question is this.. Can I assume that the same 2min@22x hashmarks in the NPR2 will subtend to 4min@11x.? Measuring at 100 yards seems to verify it but I'm not sure it would in practice for LR work.. Thanks.. d:^) JiNC

It would indeed be 4 MOA at when going from 22x down to 11x The size of the object is twice as small in relation to the reticle at that point, likewise at 5.5x it's 8 MOA calibrated.

How far off is the reticle calibration, and what power do you have to set it on to make it perfect? Have you called Jeff at NF about it? I'm sure he'll take care of it in a hurry what ever the problem with it ends up being. You paid good money for a flawless scope, and he "knows" it too.

I'll have a look at my dads 32x NF and see how well it's calibration is at 22x. I have zero complaints with mine on 22x, never have checked it at 11x or any other though, I will tho.

POI drift: If you can check the scope on another rifle and another scope on that rifle, that's the route I'd surely take. Been reading a lot about barrel thread joints causing POI shift enough I wouldn't discount that either.
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