Remington 5-R


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Sep 21, 2003
East Tennessee
What are your opinions about this rifle? A local dealer has one and nobody seems to be able to give me the real answer as to what makes it special. I understand the barrel is not the same as standard VS models, but I don't know what the difference is. The local dealer has it for $895. Is this a good price? I've seen them on a couple of the auction sites for over $1K!

Thanks in advance for your help.

As I understand the facination with the 5-R barrel and Remington...

The early M24 Army rifles had Mike Rock or Mike Rock type 5-R rifles barrels... M24 = sniper rifle and therefore the immediate assumption by many folks is ultimate accuracy. Some early model Remington PSS (Police Sniper rifle) had 5-R barrels... these are "collectable" now and sell for a premium.

Remington supposedly recently began offering the M24 for standard sale and it has the 5-R barrel (Sniper barrel) and apparently (as we're led to believe) there was an overrun and the 5-R barrel(s) are now on some VS models. So the leap on logic says "5-R, sniper rifle, super accurate, collector, etc, etc"

Just my 2 cents.

This info may or may not be completely correct, it's my opinion of the particular current situation!

I'm not going to buy one and pay a premium because of a Remington 5-R barrel.
I think Dave hit the nail as close as possible. The "Special 5R" barrels on the Remington rifle (not the M24) are not the Mike Rock barrels. They are made to the "same" specs as the 5R barrels, meaning they are 24" in length and they are 1-11.25 twist. They do however sport the VS contour. They are made by remington.

This is why it is known as a "Mil-Spec" barrel or "Special 5R"

In short, it is the same rifle as the 700 VSSF in 308, except its a 24" tube vs a 26" and it has a 11.25 twist vs a 12 twist and it has no flutes.

They mostly sold new for between 750 bucks and 900 bucks. A few dealers are trying to "scalp" customers because there a limited edition piece.

They are VERY accurate w/168,175 SMK and 178 AMAX's. Put one in a McMillan stock and it is one awesome rifle. At least as far as "factory" rifles go.
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