Remington 5R


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Dec 27, 2008
Fernie BC, Canada
I have read a bit on these rifles on other sites and guys seem to really talk them up. For the money they seem like a decent rifle. Anyone on here have any experience with one? I was looking at a Savage LRPV or one of thier target series, but I found a 5r (308) at a pretty good price.
Is it new or used? How does it compare to the price of the Savage? Personally I would by the Savage because there is no considerable work needed to be done to make it accurate. The Savage target rifles are pretty darn good out of the box.

New at a small little shop I stopped at this week. The target model savages go for about 1500, LRPV for 1350-1500, and this 5R was 1280. For the price difference I can get a good quality rail and ring combo.
Not much of a Remmy man, so what kind of stock is on it? Does it feel solid or a little flimsy? Because it is new, you will have to get trigger work done, so that will require taking it to a gunsmith or do what I did and google a search on Remington trigger adjustment. It's pretty simple if you want to try it. Adjusted my Mod 7 down to 2 3/4lbs.

HS precision stock, looks similar to a 700p but slightly shorter. 1:11.2 twist 24" stainless barrel standard remington heavy contour, apparently they are a Milspec M24 barrel that doesn't meet the milspec standard put onto a standard 700 stainless action. Looks basically like a 700 sendero but with no flutes. I could do a aftermarket trigger instead of a new rail rings and be about the same price as a savage. I already have a few remington's and think I might go for something different.
several guys shoot the 5R locally for tactical matches. Its known to be an accurate rifle. Of course you can always make upgrades here and there, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
I used on for several years. It was simply an unbelievable rifle. The only thing I did to it was a good 2.5# trigger job and eventually put a McMillan stock on it. The accuracy was astounding. I could write a book on all the good things the rifle did. I have heard very similar reports from other owners. The only reason I dont use one anymore is that I shot the barrel out and re-barreled it with a Hart.
Well there ya go LB, sounds like a sound deal. I wouldn't bother with an aftermarket trigger, just adjust the one that is on it. But again, I will advocate for the Savage. If you want something different and accurate, you should definitely consider one for your gun collection. Have fun in your decision.

LB, I have a 5R that I purchased last spring. The gun is amazing. While doing work up loads, it never shot over .5 MOA and when I settled on a load, it was .1 at 100 yds. The gun was very easy to find a load for. I shoot the 175 SMK at 2610 FPS and continually shoot one hole groups. The gun is sound and easy to get out to 1,000 +. Good luck with your decision and PM if you need more info.
Hey one more thing. That price seems pretty high. I bought mine for $1003 but they had just shipped quite a few at the time. Supply and demand maybe but look around.
Well I missed out on the 5r, I ended up getting a Savage LRPV single shot in 22-250. Going to use it to burn up all the left over 22 cal bullets I have around since the barrel on my 223wssm was replaced with a 6.5. I looked in the cabinet and I must have 10 boxes of bullets sitting around with no 22.

One of the deciding factors for the LRPV was that with a bolt head change and a barrel swap I can build a 338 edge. The port in the LRPV reciver is just large enough to eject an ultra mag case. So when the 22-250 barrel is done I can have an Edge with minimal work.
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