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Dec 14, 2008
I have just purchased a new Rem. Sendero 7mm mag, with the intention of mounting a Huskemaw scope on it. What rings and bases should I use? Anyone know where I can get a hold of some berger bullets up here in Canada?

I think it should make a great long range tandem. Anyone have any experiences with this rig?

Looking for any advice on the subject.gun)
There are several routes to go for your Sendero. You can use Dual Dovetail rings/bases made by Leupold and Burris. There are a pretty standard setup and very tough. The Leupold's don't allow for any built-in MOA but the Burris' do. You can get their Signature rings with the delron inserts. These inserts (for 1" tube scopes) come in several thicknesses (.005, .010, .020, etc.) with an insert kit also available (1" only). A set of inserts comes with the rings and the kit is sold separately. Very good system. While the 30mm rings do have inserts there aren't as many available as on the 1" rings.
You can also choose the STD ring/base system (dovetail up forward/windage screws back aft)made by Burris, Leupold, Millett, Redfield and Weaver. Again Burris has the inserts for these also. Leupold also makes a one piece STD base with 20 MOA built in but they are hard to find sometimes.
Then you come to the Mil Std 1913 or Picatinny style. These are made by several mfg's, with Leupold, NightForce, EGW, Burris, Ken Rarrell, Near Mfg, Seekings, Badger and many more I'm sure. IMO these setups are overpriced and unnecessary for standard hunting rigs. All it's got to do is hold a scope securely and most rings/mounts do this nicely without costing $300.00.
You also have the Weaver style rings/mounts which were with us from the git/go. They are sturdy, dependable and relatively cheap. Do a search on MidwayUSA and see what they have. Good luck in your endeavors. JohnnyK.
leupold 1 peace base med. rings for 40mm scope hi rings for 42mm rock solid setup
It seems the rage now a days is the Picattiny rails. These give limit less mounting capabilities. On a rifle such as yours, that means nothing. These are however, cheaper (for the most part) than comparable weaver style mounts.

As for rings, Burris Signature Series. These will not scratch, dent, ding, or bend your scope. They also hold the scope very well on higher recoiling rifles.

The Burris Xtreme rings are also another one that comes to mind. They are a great value (can be had for less than $50). I have two sets of these and I have no complaints. They are very well made and stout. I do not have experience with these on high recoiling rifles (they are mounted on a .223 and .308). Looking at the construction, they should hold up well on your 7mm.
For a base, think about a picatinny rail, EGW, NF or Badger or others. The EGWs are a lot cheaper than the NF or Badgers and I haven't read any complaints about them. I have the NF on my Sendero. For rings, I would HIGHLY recommend a set that will accomidate an anti cant bubble level. I just put the level on mine this year and it really opened my eyes as to how inaccurate ai was at leveling my rifle which is critical way down range.

I just picked up a 7mm rem mag SPS it already has waever base so I just got rings . going to give it a try gun)
Thanks for all the advice.

I've got a few more questions for you all.

Remington Sendero: How's the trigger? Did you keep it stock or install a custom trigger?

The Huskemaw scope: Anyone have one and how are they? or what else are you guys using?

Thanks again guys
remington makes a fine trigger just have a good triger done on it. You will be love it. If U want to spend money on your rifle accurize it. This is how I am doing my new used SPS. I would do is triger job, pillers and glass bed if it is wood DONT float the barrle yet see wow it works first. Back to the scope look hard at BURRIS thay make a dam good scope for not to mutch money. I got 1 on my .06 3x9x40 my to buds got them on there 7mm R M. We all love them going to get one for my 7mm. Witch brings me to what power do Ual think 3.5x10x40 ?
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Thanks for all the advice.

I've got a few more questions for you all.

Remington Sendero: How's the trigger? Did you keep it stock or install a custom trigger?

The Huskemaw scope: Anyone have one and how are they? or what else are you guys using?

Thanks again guys

I tumed my own Sendero triggers and they are fine for me. There are online directions - I would read more than one source if you decide to do it, but I am not recommending it unless you feel comfortable with it and my Senderos were the old 700 triggers, not sure about the new ones. Consider a smith or a new trigger. The latter would be optimal.

I think Huskemaw scopes are probably a little over priced at $1149. For $1483 (another $334) you can get a NF 3.5 - 15 x 50 or a 5.5 - 22 x 50 for $1632. The Nightforce scopes are a much better investment IMO. Huskemaw doesn't touch them for the $$$. You can get an after market BDC turret for the NF if you want for about $75. I dont like the Huskemaw reticle either. No dots or hashes for a quick hold and I'm not sure they have an illuminated reticle. NF scopes are in a whole different league. You will not regret it if you get one. If a NF isn't in the budget, then I would opt for a Sightron or custom Leupy before getting the Huskemaw for the $$$. You might also look at the Super Sniper.

There are plenty of options as others have mentioned. You can get a Weaver picatinney rail for about $20.00, and Warne Maxima rings, a solid set up without spending mega bucks.
since we are talking about the 700. how the f#%* do you tell the mod. of a 700 cdl bdl sps xcr sendero what is the diff. I was out deer hunting in MN this week end did'nt see any thing. Was looking at my CHEEP scope going to keep the weaver set up. But the scope see ya. Have any of you sean that nikon coyote special? Go look at it the reticle in it thats the part that I realy like. And I think it would look good with my camo stock and stainless. the only prob is the bigest thay go is 3x9x40 I would like 3.5x10x42. 42mm if the rings are hi enough. I got a 3x9x40 BURRIS on my 721 .06
If yours is the new model Sendero it will be the externally adjustable Xmark pro trigger. I like mine. I tuned mine while at the range to be 3 pounds.

I would recomend a EGW base and Burris xtreame tactical rings. Great value there and VERY well made and beefy.

On another rifle I have Warne Maxima rings and bases. Also great value there and well made.
Thanks again guys, for all of your advice.

It's coming to me brand new in the box, so it sould have the X mark pro trigger.

I think I'm going to go with the NF one piece base and ring set up.

If you had about 2-3 grand to spend on the optics, what would you put atop this rifle?

Anything else anyone can think of, to set this rig up as a long range tack driver?
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