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    Feb 28, 2008
    First sorry if I offend anyone. Ok what are the differences between the many different models? Lets narrow it down to Sps, cdl, bdl, adl. And let's just assume these are all 2012 models. Well do they even make the bdl any more? It's there more to it then what stock they come with? In the end is a 700 action just that a 700 action? If so why are prices so different? Here's where I hope I don't attend anyone. Seen a 700 bdl in gun section used for $750 with plastic stock? It was stainless but still seemed crazy high to me when I can go and buy a brand new adl with a cheap scope for under $440 and yes that's blued price. Is there any difference in the action l, assuming both have x mark trigger? Or is there a trigger difference I these lowers line models? I see barreled actions selling for $450+? Now these are older 700's but what makes them better?
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    Feb 27, 2006
    actions and triggers are the ssame. stocks and finishs vary. barrel taper and diameter vary. my titaniums shoot better than m ost factory barrels. my senderos also shoot great too.
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    I have found that the stainless seems to have alittle better finishing step.
    Its like all the recievers are machined out to the same specs but then some are ground and cleaned up and others (sps blued) are bead blasted with a coarse grit blued and shipped.
    Blue Printing and squaring the action I can't say I see alot of difference in the amout of cut I have to take , but I usually have to clean up the outside and smooth up rails and spend time cleaning up what Remington didn't and thats why they are less.
    Just my opinion but I done alot of them and thats what I see.

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