rem 700 .338rum to edge


Feb 25, 2009
hi, im looking into building a 338 edge. i was wondering if one could use the 338rum rifle and just cut the chamber to edge dementions. saving buying a new barrel ect to get started? any info would be great.

thanks erikgun)
Welcome to the forum Erik.

Yes technically feasable to re-chamber but I would advise against it. The main reason is quality of factory barrels these days aren't the best. Have seen too many re-chamberes over the past 10 years in which the factory chamber was not cut true. Then a precision smith cuts a new chamber that is true and one side of the chamber is oversized causing cases to have a swell in that spot when shot.

Personally I quit re-chambering factory barrels years ago because most do not shoot accurately enough and that which was stated above.

sounds like good advice. ill buy the .338 rum and enjoy it for what it is ,and if and when i shoot the barrel out get the new one chambered in the edge or the .338 improved w/40 deg shoulder said to hold 4-6% more powder than parent case.

thanks erik
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