Reloading for the 300 Ultra-mag


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May 8, 2001
Central Florida
I have a question for all knowledgeable reloaders out there. I recently purchased a 300 Ultra in Rem Sendero. I admit I was less than informed about long range shooting/hunting when I bought it. I fell into the trap of " bigger and faster must be better " little did I know
Anyway, I've got it now and so I'll make the best of it until it's time to rebarrel/rechamber. My question is this. Can I extend barrel life AND expect similar results of a 300 win mag by loading this rifle for the 200 or 220 grain Matchkings at similar speeds? Something around 2900/3000 fps. Or even .308 speeds (2750-2800) These bullets have a very high claimed BC. It would seem they would fly very well. I know I'm backing into this but i don't really have a choice.
Thanks for your help,
Hi 300UM...
The 300 Ultra can be loaded down to 300WM velocity levels, with no problems. You might find that the 190 Sierra MatchKings are a better bullet that the 220's.
You can go even lower, but check a loading manual for recomended loads. with light loads, use one of the FASTER burning powders.
The barrel will much longer.
My Sendero shoot's very well with 89.5gr of RL22 under a 190gr Match King.OAL is 3.655.Fed 215 primer's.Have gotten 3 shot's under a half if I do my part.Ten shot ave is 3270 fps
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