300 ultra mag


Nov 15, 2004
El Reno, OK
Me and a fried of mine both just bought 300 ultra mag's and we a loading all of the ammo we shot. My question is we are wanting to load 125 gr ballistic tip bullets and so far the only load info we can find is for Rl 22 powder. We want to use something like H1000 or Retumbo because they are temperature tolerant and Rl22 isn't. I can get it around 4000 fps right now and I would like to keep that but with a different powder. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot
If you have a 26 inch barrel I think RL22 is about the best powder for the RUM and that bullet.Retumbo and RL25 will not gain you any velocity.Just burn more powder...If you wanna try another powder...Try H4831...It burn about the same as the 22

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I got a Rem 700 LSS in .300 RUM and worked up a load with the 125g BT and RL-22. It produced 3/4" at 100 yards for 3 shots and was shooting at 3950fps. Not to far from your expectation of 4000fps with the slower burning powders.
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