Red dot 1gr. charges?


Aug 28, 2002
Lincoln, NE
Do any of you that shoot the big rifles still do the thing of putting in 1 gr. of Red Dot over the primer before you charge it with your normal powder?

I have some data that show this, but that may be a holdover from the days when primers werent as good as they are now? As the newer books dont show it.


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Jul 6, 2002
dual load or "duplex load" are very dangerous respices and in most case give erratic result because that very difficult to get a prefcet position of the two layer one thin colum( light load of fast powder ) one thick colum ( hevay load of slow powder )

another way is to mix faster and slower powder but that dangerous too

with big mag primer as Fed 215 or RWS brand and a prefcet flash hole you get normaly enought ignition for big load ( up to 120 grain of 50 cal powder )

good shooting


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