RCBS Powdermaster electronic dispenser?


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Sep 30, 2004
I just bought this thing for $240 at a gun show. I just thought that I could punch in the number of grains and it would dispense powder. It appears that without the RCBS electronic scales that it doesn't work?

Am I missing something? Because I type in an amount and press the dispense button and the motor comes on and nothing happens. Of course the guy selling them didn't say that it required the scale with it.
...I'm pretty sure the powder dispenser "communicates" with the scale, making the scale the "other necessary component"... not sure though, check it out on their website...
The scale does tell the dispensor how much has been dispensed, so yes, it is required. Sorry you had to find out the hard way.
Thanks guys! I hand measure every load in my quality guns. I was just trying to speed things up.

Look at the bright side. You have one-half of one of the better powder dispensing systems around. An RCBS infrared scale and you're in business. Or, if you have a shooting buddy who has a scale the two of you can work together.
Can I ask a question here for a sec

I want to get one of these with the scale as well. Does it just dribble the powder out or does it come out the dispenser pretty quick.
It's got two dispense tubes so maybe it works pretty good. I just loaded up 200 rounds the old fashion way on my nice RCBS magnetically dampened scale. I load a dish with powder and use a tea spoon. I didn't bust ***. But it took me a couple of hours to measure every one and dump it down the drop tube and move to the next one.

I have two rock crusher presses and several sets of dies all locktighted to lengths. So can pump them out once you have the routine down.

You want to buy it for $200 and I'll pay shipping?
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