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Jun 16, 2004
Does any one have a pet load using the 200gr Accubond and R25 for 300 RUM they would like to share with me. I finally got a hold of some Reloader 25 every one has been saying this, that, and the other about how accurate R25 is in 300 RUM. Out of IMR7828,Retumbo,and R22 I have found R22 to be the most accurate so far.
I also am looking at the R25 with the 200. I have some loaded but have not had a chance to shoot them yet. R 22 has worked well for me also. Let me know how it goes for you and I will do the same
Dave how much R25 did you load and what firearm are you using. I'm using a stock Sendero. I was thinking about 90.5gr. Bullet seated at 3.650. My R22 load is 85gr same bullet seat this load produces 1/2in groups@3100fps. I don't think the R25 will produce much more velocity if any at all. R22 seams to be the goto powder for me anymore with all my magnums. Dam accurate stuff.
Is the Retumbo that much different from the R22 accuracy wise. I just purchased my 300 RUM and have not loaded and rounds up. I did get a pound of Retumbo powder though. I also would like to know the best load for the accubond, I thought of using the 200 or 180 grain.
Retumbo shot well in my rifle 3/4in group with all the holes touching. Plus it is not effected by extreme temperature. So when hunting in super cold weather you won't lose 150fps. here is the Retumbo load I am using.

Cal: 300 RUM
Powder: Retumbo Wt. 93.5gr
Bullet: Accubond Wt. 200gr
Case: RP
Primer: Rem 9 1/2 Mag.

This load is good for just under 3100fps and is about 2.0gr under MAX in my gun.
I have loaded only to 88.5 grns of R 25 on the 200 accubond as my rifle will normally not reach max loads posted in the manuals. I think this is still slow but have not shot anything yet. I found that 92.5 of R 22 is max with a 165 grn bullet out of my rifle. The bolt locks up above that. I think your right on the load for the 200 accubond but I am going there in stages. My 300 is a Remington 700 with a Pac Nor 28" barrel floated in the Sendero stock. Your bullet seating is real close to me as mine is at 3.660 The only luck with Retumbo I have had was shooting a Groove Bullet but I can not get them so I am looking at others bullets. Retumbo is so slow that the lighter bullestdo not work. I even tried a 180 bullet but got much better speed out of R22 I had great luck with Wildcat Bullets from Canada. This is the bullet maker that Fifty Driver talks about. I also have a 30/338 lapua that they work in real well.
Hope this helps
Since my gun is new I may just use up my Retumbo on bullets to break in the barrel. That way I can play around with reloader 22 or 25.
my 300RUM showed a definite preference for retumbo and the 216gr clinch river. For a huge case like the RUM,..go with the retumbo and don't look back. I bet once you find a good retumbo load breaking in the barrel,..you will just stay with it. I could be wrong,..my wife says I have been before.

H1000, rl25, and retumbo is where you want to stay,...but retumbo is my choice. 216gr at 3200fps (30") with a 7fps ES
I think JustC covered it. In a case that large and that weight bullet. R-25 H-1000 Retumbo. I just worked up a retumbo load in a 29" heavy Hart barrel.

200 AB 12off
94.0 Retumbo
Easiest load ever, started with above components and worked up powder from 89.0, done 1/2" groups.
Well I thought I had settled on a bear load for my 300RUM but I recently changed the stock so I figured I better do some checking.

My old load was
200 AB OAL just clears mag
94.0 Retumbo 3050fps

Av. Velocity for 10 shots today was 3125. I don't really believe it though because I used my same drop chart as before set to 3050 and was on at 100, 500 (7.5), and 820 (17).

Today I also tried:

200 AB OAL just clears mag(lots off)
91.0 RL25
Av Vel for 10 shots today was 3129. Once again same thing, original drop chart works fine.

Nearly the same 5 shot groupings at 100 yd 3/4 to an inch but at 500 the difference started to show.

94 Retumbo did a 6 high 10 wide 5 shot group at 500. 91 RL25 did 1 3/4 x 7. I was grinning for sure.

94 Retumbo then did a 12 high by 15 wide 5 shot at 820.
RL25 load 8x11.(Didn't get as lucky as the 500 yd) But it definately has turned my attention over to the RL25 for playing a bit more.

Had a 10 shot 39 ES for the Retumbo, 28 ES for the RL25 but here again I don't have much faith in the Chrony numbers. I do however have faith in vertical bullet holes.

Another load that mine likes at 100yd is 100gr Retumbo, same primer and a 180 Btip. 3312 AV vel. Cuts holes but I have learned that don't mean much. Will have to see what she does when I stretch her legs.

Good Luck Tommy,
I have built several 300 RUM's for customers, most of the guns I have test fired with a combo of RL-25 and 200 gr Accubond. All of the rifles were running 26 inch Hart tubes, the COAL was 3.775" ( I installed extended box mags ) FED GM215M, MAXRL-25 90-92 GR. depending on rifle, velocity 3185-3212 fps, ES 11-17 fps.
I use H1000 in my personel 300 Ultra. Hope it helps.

I ended up going with 90.5gr. This printed .62in to 1.0in 3 shot groups. The best groups always come last with this gun I think the BBL likes when there is some copper failing in it. No report on vel. the weather was crapy (rainy and cloudy)so I didn't set up the crony.
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