R-25 308 for bear?


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Ive been thinkin lately that i might need an AR style rifle. I love bear hunting and so far have been very successfull where i hunt. however, im completely un able to go whack a bear without beating my wood stocks to death! i know theres PLENTY of guys on here that like plastic and laminated stocks & while they serve a purpose, i just find them so **** UGLY! Ive put myself into a couple spots in the hawthorn brush that i really wished i had an auto loader, and wished it was "ugly" before i got there so i wouldnt feel so bad when i got out. Hence-R25 question.
Has anyone played with one yet?
How is the accuracy out to 300ish yds?

I own many rifle calibers suited for shooting farther and depending on where i go to hunt for the day id like to have the option for a fast handeling "already ugly" rifle.

Im NOT trying to make enemies with the "ugly" comment. nor am i downplaying thier roll in accurate rifles! just want info on R-25 IN 308 cal for "less than ideal" conditions for my wood stocked bolt guns. thanks
I have a DPMS AP4 (DPMS: AR-15 Rifles, Parts and Accessories.) that I use for deer. It has a 16" barrel and a collapsible stock, so it is shorter than the R25. I get fantastic accuracy with handloads. I normally shoot 180gr Hornadys because I use it for woods hunting. They group between from 1" to 1.5". I tried 168gr A-Maxs. These my best group with 5 shots at 100 yards was a hair under an inch.

Coming from experience, I think the AR's are a very reliable and comfortable gun to carry. My AP4 is far more comfortable to carry than any of my other rifles when on a walk. It is also short, so I don't have to worry about branches and brush.

I think the R25 in .260, 7mm-08, .308, or .338 Federal would be more than adequate for black bear out to 300 yards. I one a black bear hunt in Idaho on this board for this coming fall, and I think I will be taking my AP4 with. I will be hunting over bait, so my shots will be close, and my red dot scope will be handy against a black bear.
Thanks janspro,
i didnt know they even offered it in 338 fed. that would be kinda fun:rolleyes:!
Is it true that the Rem R-25(and R-15) are just worked over bushmasters?
If so how do they compare to your DPMS? I here good things about Panther, but unfortunately have no experience with them. Ive only shot a couple AR's ever, and 1 was a colt. from what i could tell, it didnt like to feed hollow points. especially from the (?left?) side of the mag. My buddy had just purchased it and used some of his previously loaded 223 ammo. (prob c.o.l.) was the problemb. he has since got married and moved away w/o leaving his number. so cant ask how he corrected. anyhow, im asuming small base full length dies are needed, since its an auto loader etc.
Do you handload for yours? Any trouble feeding loads from either side of clip? and how are the triggers, adjustable? Does DPMS offer a ''sporterised'' version? sorry im an AR rookie.
GOOD LUCK ON YOUR IDAHO HUNT!!! I LOVE IDAHO, its a well kept secret...shhhh!
Here's the deal with Remington's AR's. The R15 models, are built by Bushmaster, and the R25 models are built by DPMS. Soooo, if you purchase a R15 or R25, you are purchasing a Bushy or DPMS.

Also, Remington only chambers the .243, 7mm-08, and the .308 in their R25 lineup. All are great choices, but DPMS chambers more. They have a wide variety of chamberings to suit your needs. They also have a ton of configuration.

I currently own 4 AR's. Three are .223/5.56. A Bushmaster Varminter, and two 16" carbines that I built from a pile of parts. The fourth is my AP4. I have never had problems with hollow points not feeding, or any ammo for that matter. Except for some 108 grain frangible bullets I purchased for cheap to plink with in my .308. They break apart so easily, that if they meet any resistance when feeding, they snap off at the case mouth. They are really explosive though.

I should note that the trigger on most AR's is crappy. They have a lot of creep and are very heavy. Most break between 5 and 8 lbs or so. The trigger on my Bushy is a match grade, adjustable two stage. This is a very nice trigger.

I ended up sending out the triggers on my AP4, and my carbines to Bill Springfield. Google him. He does a great job.

I'm pretty sure DPMS makes the worst trigger out there. The Remingtons have a different trigger, so that is one plus.

I do handload mine. You just have to back off on the charge a bit. AR's can't handle the pressure like a bolt gun. I don't crimp, and I have never had a problem. Also, I do not use small base dies. I have thought about it on my AP4 because the chamber is a little tight. Nothing a little polishing won't fix.

Opening the AR door literally opens up another world. They are a accurate, versatile, and reliable platform. All 4 of my AR's will shoot 1 moa or better (most of the time). You can get one in a .22 LR, all the way up to the .458 SOCOM (.45-70 ballistics in a .223 length cartridge). This could possibly be the best choice when charging into the thick stuff when chasing something that can bite or claw you.
First off, thank you. you have been a wealth if information. So far as i can see, id better do some more leg work before mu purchace.
Still liking the 308 win or the 338 fed idea. i have till August to have 1 purchaced, and be practiced up and familiar with it before i go on my hunt. hopefully i can make up my mind by mid May so i have time to get more proficient in this new world of AR's. I'll look up Bill Springfield for sure if the triggers are that horrible. thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.:)
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