Question on Oberwerk binoculars.


Feb 18, 2003
Does any body have any info on the Oberwerk 25/40x100mm millitary oberservation binoculars [clarity]?
Optics have been a hobby of mine for many years. I have had many sets of glasses both commercial and military besides assembling my own.

I have owned about 5 or 6 of those units you mentioned.

I bought 5 sets one time to get the best optics from the best "one." Their coatings were not matched to well and you could get different colored lens coatings on the SAME unit.

They were/are made in China as a copy of the old Zeiss. They certainly are not Zeiss quality but they are not too bad for viewing.

They had the 25X and the 40X eyepieces on a turret and had 100 MM objectives.

The unit is very heavy and they do come with a wooden tripod like the surveyors use.

You see them for sale quite often.

Hey DC,

Do you think they are better then the spacemasters big eyes with 22wa.?

Thank you, I'm just trying to see if there may be something better out there.I'm also thinking about a set of Kowa's in the 80mm or 100mm.
Now the Kowas are a different critter. You put a set of them babies together and you'll have something. I always wanted to do it but waste too much money building new rifles.LOL
I agree with Butch

I like the Spacemasters or the Kowas much better then the 25X -- 40X by 100mm.

The big glass is nice for viewing but, just to heavy to fool with. The Spacemasters and Kowas are the ticket.

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