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Mar 25, 2003
Has anybody had any experience with Oberwerk optics? I spoke to Bobby Hart and he just got some in and said they have great clarity?

I have had several sets of the glasses you mentioned.

They come in 25X and 40X by 100mm on a turret and also an angled 25X by 100MM.

You can find them for around $900.00 to $1400.00 and they are made in China.
They are a copy of the old WW2 Zeiss and the optics are not too bad at all considering being made where they were.

They also come with their own wood tripod and a carry case.

They are quite large and that is a problem for most LR hunters. If your close to your vehical and are there all day, these glasses will work fine.

If you buy a set of them, check the coatings on the optics "first." Some of the earlier ones came through with mis-matched color coatings in each optic. As you know, the color should always be the same in both.

I think/hope they have corrected that.

For the price, they are very good.

samson, www.bigbinoculars.com

The glasses I was refering to are the larger 100 MM optics with the angled 25X eyepieces or the 25X and 40X on a turret. They also come with their own tripod.

I was not talking about the 100 MM "Binocular Type" which are much cheaper and NOT as good optically. Like $395.00 in at the site 338 suggested looking at.

The ones I mentioned are around $1295.00 to $1495.00 on that site.

The "Binocular type" are NOT near the quality.

DC I am gearing towards the spacemasters but am weighing my options. Will The old spacemaster II scopes work? They have the grey finish on them.
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