opinions on binoculars?

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by boyce, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. boyce

    boyce Active Member

    Dec 14, 2008
    I want some new binoculars, most likely in the 10x42 range, and need some help in the way of your experiances. I currently have Leupold wind river 10x50 and want to step up. I have looked through a friends sworo el 10x42 but no other brands. I will be saving up for these and dont want to buy twice. If you could have any, what would you get and why?
  2. sp6x6

    sp6x6 Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2009
    Ihave 10x32 els, had 10x42 els and 10x42 ziess all great, for $ 600 back when the ziess where a deal
  3. B23

    B23 Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2008
    IMO Swaro's are as good as you can get. Have the 8.5x42 EL and they are awesome!
  4. gcamp54

    gcamp54 Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2009
    I am also in the market for a high end pair of binco's in 10x42. I'm considering the Zeiss Victory FL, Leica Ultravid HD, or the Swarovski EL. So far my research has given the Zeiss as the best optics but there are other considerations. Leica offers a "no fault" life time warranty. Swarovski EL apparently has the better mechanics. The Swarovski is the cheapest of all 3 but for me this is a once in a life time buy so that’s not my top concern. Here are some reviews for you to check out. Some are old but still relevant. Hopefully we’ll get some more opinions.
    Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    24hourcampfire.com - "A Campfire Review of 8x42 Binoculars" (Rick Bin)
    Zeiss Victory 8x42 T*FL Binocular | Better View Desired
    Zeiss Victory T*FL 8x42 Review

  5. royinidaho

    royinidaho Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2004
    This is gonna sound like some kind of scam but......... on a whim I purchased a set of Nikon "Action" 10X50s at the local farm/ranch store.

    This was before I had two good eyes and didn't desire to purchase a "good" set quite yet.

    My son, the optical expert, photographer, etc. said that these were really great.

    After the bionic eye job the first thing I did was give them a good check out.

    As far as comparing with Ziess or Svaros except for things like falling off at the edges a bit and other finicky stuff they are right there with them.

    I doubt that they are as robust as the high end units but the difference between $39.95 and the high ender's cost would be tough to justify.

    Just my experience, and the comparison was fair.

    Hope I'm not doing anyone a disfavor but they are worth checking out.

    We'll really see what's going on when the NF NXS is compared to them. I may be quite disappointed. Been there before.
  6. Freebore

    Freebore Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2002

    I had looked thru and handled alot of bino's before my purchase. I went to a Cabela's (most inventory) and lot of other camera & Bass Pro shops just to do comparisons in hand.

    -The Nikon's were heavy but the new color correction stuff is suppose to be awesome. I saw some bluing on the edges.

    - I had purchased the SP Pentax 10x50's... really nice glass for the money (1/2 of Euro's) and sold them after 2 weeks to a coworker because I just wanted the Euro glass. Nothing wrong with them at all, maybe the color could have been a little itty bit better but the glass was excellent.

    -Zeiss, just didn't like the design or feel other than that great glass of course.

    - I was set on the EL's 10x42 and went to a show to purchase a set from Alex Roy at EuroOptic.com (sponsor). When I got there he said I want you to look thru the Ultravids first never looking thru a set before. There was suttle difference for me and they fit my hands better. But when the Sheep Outfitters (3 of em') came over and handled and looked thru them, they all said to Alex to put a set aside for them AND that they would be trading in their EL's for 'em.! Bullet proof warranty and I am a very happy camper except when I'm hunting with buddy's that want to borrow them!! They are an heirloom item now someday after I hang up hunting..someday...alot later in life...maybe..NOT.

    You just need to handle and look thru alot of bino's and reviews. By the way my hunting buddy bought a set of used 10x50 Ultravid's from Alex last season..just like new.

    Ultravids get my vote for what its worth.
  7. MSLRHunter

    MSLRHunter Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2009
    I own the swaro 10X42 EL, but I did a lot of comparisons before I bought them. To my eyes, the swaro was brighter that the zeiss, but the opics in the swaro and the leica seemed about the same so I picked the swaro because of the warranty, service, and other features I like better about it.
  8. boyce

    boyce Active Member

    Dec 14, 2008
    I would like to thank all for opinions and to ask, please keep them coming. I will probably be saving up for these (whichever I decide on) for 8 to 12 months. With no local stores to look at, I am forced to wait for trips to bigger towns, but since the money isnt burning a hole in my pocket yet thats not that big of a deal.
  9. elkoholic72

    elkoholic72 Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    I've owned a pair of Leica ultravids 10-42 for 5 years now. Would'nt know how to hunt without them after using and trusting them so long. My wife has a pair of 12-50 slc's that are great if you mount them on a small tripod. We use them when glassing for mulies in the sage brush at long distances. Look through both the leicas and swaros, you won't be disappointed either way.
    I forgot my Leicas once at the camper in a race to beat another group up a mountain in the Gallatin Range. Used a pair of monarchs 10-42 for 7-8 hours that day.
    I seriously had headaches/eye strain problems until the next afternoon.
    Once you make the committment to use Great Glass, you can't/won't go back!!!