Question on burris rings.


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Mar 2, 2012
So i am trying to figure out what height rings i am going to need and how much max adjustment the burris rings with inserts have in MOA. I am going to have a vortex viper pst 6-24x50 mounted in them, i will have the 2 pc windage adjustable bases for a savage 116 round action. Do i need the medium or high rings? I think i might just go with the high to be safe as i am planning to put an adjustable cheek piece on the rifle.
With those bases the highs are probably a safe bet. The inserts are measured in thousandths of an inch, adjustment in MOA depends on the how far apart the rings are.
Do they have more adjustment when the rings are farther apart? Is moving it 20 MOA at all possible?
You can get 20 MOA inserts... and even put a -20 up front, for a total of about 40 MOA of slant, if you want that much.

The rings work really well... they don't scratch the scope tube, and they seem to hold the scope just fine, if you torque them to spec.

30mm Signature rings come with no offset and .010" offset inserts, no others are available that I know of. The farther apart the rings are the less adjustment the inserts provide.
Actually i think i will go with a 20 MOA egw base and the medium rings. I read a post on here where a guy used a 20 moa egw base on his sendero with the same scope and low burris extreme rings. It left quite a bit of space between the barrel and scope.
Be sure to buy the Torx screws for the EGW base. They're extra but worth it - the screws that come with the base are prone the stripping the Allen head.
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