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    Jan 31, 2011
    I have been reading a lot of post on here and just trying to get ideas on what to do when I purchase a new scope for my 30-06. Now I have an Optima Elite with the 50 cal barrel and the 30-06 barrel and I do plan on reloading. My goal is to shoot around 600 yards with the 30-06 and possibly 700 or 800 if I can harvest deer or elk at this range with what I reload. Now for my 50 cal muzzleloader barrel I have the Nikon Omega BDC and I have it sighted in out to 300 yard which works for me. I really like the scope and I kind of want to get the Nikon BDC Prostaff for the 30-06 however here is my delma.

    I have read where you can take a scope that is zeroed in and when you figure out the yardage at a farther distance you can adjust your scope to shoot this distance also and then when done re adjust your scope back to zero. My delma is can this been done where you know exactly when you re adjust back to the zero it will still be "zeroed". I don't plan on shooting 1000 yards or farther however for target shooting it would be fun to do. Along with the bragging rights just to say I did. Either way I am leaning towards the Nikon Prostaff with the BDC just because once it is zeroed I won't have to adjust the scope any more.

    Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.


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    Apr 11, 2011
    What kind of turrets do you have? finger turrets or the ones you use a dime with?

    I have a Leopold mark 4 and I adjust turrets out to 1000 yards with my 308 and can turn back to zero and be on.

    I don't know much how Nikon scopes are but with some dime turrets when you adjust them they take a shot to adjust to it.

    If your planning on getting a new scope anyways try to get a scope with mil dots then you can holdover your yardage. With my 308 shooting 175gr my 5th mil is 670yards so with a 30-06 you would get farther yardage on that 5th mil.

    And you could use it on the MZ.

    Hope this helps.