Question about a scope for a 1000 yard gun...


Aug 31, 2003
I am new to this forum...someone from gunbroker referred me here, with regards to this question. I am in the process of having my first "real" 1000 yard gun built. I plan to put a Nightforce scope on it. I cannot decide whether I should get the 8-32 or the 12-42 power scope. It's my understanding that the higher magnification will cause more heat mirage and is it kind of a waste to go for the higher powered scope...or does the higher magnification still outweigh less distortion? My other question is what reticle would you recommend for the 1000 shooting. I've been considering the CH-3 and the NP-1RR. This will be my first 1000 yard gun and I have no experience in shooting at the 1000 yard competition level, so any helpfull advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Eric.I never saw the need for any more that 20 power....I do have an 8.5-25 on my heavy gun....Never went past 20 for the reasons you posted above
Probably need to consider where and when you might shoot. I have two of the 12-42's and find myself at 35-42X quite often. Couldn't do that with an 8-32X. We start shooting at 8am and mirage is not a factor. Our matches in CA are a lot smaller (20-25 shooters) than back east, so even if I'm on the second relay, it's not that hot out and I'm generally at 30X or so. Personally, I'd go for the higher power, you can always turn it down.

NP1-RR (X2)

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ECC, welcome to our family.

Quite a few people on here use the Leopold and some the niteforce. The ones with the niteforce choose the NPRR-2 reticle, it helps with ranging out farther once you know how to use it.
If I was dedicating it to 1000yd BR, I'd go with a 12-42 NXS and not look back. I'd get the NP-R2 reticle for calibrated MOA hold off points and be steps ahead.

What do I know tho, never have shot in competition so....

Good luck with the competition shooting, wish it would catch on up here.

For "stricly" 1000 yard competitions, If your set on a Nightforce, I would get the CH 2 or CH 3 without a doubt.

The R 2 is really not a good reticle for benchrest shooting.

Check the reccomendations from Nightforce and you will see the CH is the one they suggest for Benchrest shooting.

The R2 is more of a hunting style reticle and fills your sight picture with "several" lines which is "NOT" what you want for target work.

The Benchest style or model will get you to your 1000 yard mark and be about $400.00 less then the NXS. The 12X to 42X will work on days that the mirage is not to bad but, you do have the option to turn the power up or down as needed.

Just my 2 cents.
I am in a similar situation, putting together a "next step up" rifle.

I currently shoot a 6PPC with a NFX 3.5 - 15 x56, NP-1RR reticle.

Now I am looking for a .308 before going up to a .338...
The scope for me, was the easy part.

NFX 8-32x56 with the NP-R2 reticle.

The NP-1RR is great for shooting out to 300m but the crosshairs are thick, and at longer ranges cover up too much target for my liking.

The NP-R2 is very fine, and has a superior(in my opinion) rangefinding grid as opposed to the circle setup on the 1RR.
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