scope choice and 7WSM for 1000 yard gun ?...


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May 28, 2001
I?m about to make a decision and order a scope for my 1000 yard gun.
I have a Nightforce on one gun now but I don?t think I want to spend that kind of money again. I?m thinking this would be a smarter move, but I need some input and data from you guys.

Here is what I?m thinking about doing.

Leupold 6.5x20 30mm tube with side focus.
Have it power boosted to 14.5x35 $195
Have four dots put above the horizontal cross hair and five below it. Aprox. $100 These dots would be placed based on the ballistics of a 7WSM and a 162 grain Amax.
And three dots spaced 2 MOA on each side of the vertical hair $24
This seems to me it would be a more practical and useful scope than a Nightforce and less money.

Would I still need 20 MOA scope rings with a scope set up like this ?

And does anyone have a ballistic program that can run some numbers and give me estimated velocities that can be achieved with this case and a 162 grain bullet?

Thank you
The leupold 6.5-20 or 8-25 long range scopes are ideal for 1,000 yard and many shooters use them. With the external target knobs, it wouldn't be necessary to use the mil dot type reticle of which you speak. Just get yourself an accurate drop chart and dial in the scope for the proper yardage.

I've had several 6.5 x 20 LR Leupold scopes but have never had one 'boosted'.

If you anticipate using the central crosshair as your 500 yards Point Of Aim (POA) you should only need something like 8 or 9 MOA of elevation above your 100 yard zero. This seems to me to indicate that you will NOT need a tapered bases or 20 MOA scope rings as you are questioning.

In theory this sounds like a good system and for larger targets and shorter distances it should work sufficiently well. The problem with these dot systems is that they are limited to about a 3000 foot elevation zone and about 20 degrees of temperature variation. With your 9 elevation dots, 4 above and 5 below it sounds like your heading for 1000 yards without a scope adjustment. A significant temperature change or elevation change will make your 1000 yard aim point a rough guess, nearly a 'poke and hope' proposition. For the shorter ranges (500 yards and in) and I assume larger targets (deer) this system will work but beyond that I'd go back to the scope adjustment method.
I know. I should have explained meself better.
I do that now with my Nightforce (drop chart & clicks)

I think it would be easier to have dots put in it based on the ballistics of the round. Not a mill dot system. Top dot would be sighted in for 100 yards then 200,300,400 ect. These would be
spaced based on a drop chart. In other words the MOA between dots would not be equal.

Just seems like it would be less hassel and less tracking of clicks with a dot system
with with known yardages.

My main question is I would like to have the
the elevation adjust in it's mid range.
Would I need 20MOA rings to accomplish this?
I need some FPS input on the 7WSM case with
a 162 AMAX. I can't find any reload information on it. I think I can figure out the rest.
Thx. for the input. Actually this will be for a little IBS 1000 yard competition but mostly prairie dogs and coyotes. I shouldn't run into an altitude problem but the temperature swing I will. I might re think the situation and do something like dots spaced at 2 MOA and use clicks and the dots combined. That's basically what I do now with my Nightforce. I have the RP1 reticle. When I range something I look at my drop chart which has clicks and MOA and I'll pick one of the dots and add the rest of the MOA need with clicks.
I like the idea of multiple dots at a fixed distance apart,used in conjunction with adjusting the target turrets for fine tuning.
This would allow the benifit of changing bullets,guns,loads, etc with the same scope and you can fine tune with the target turrets for changes in temp and altitude so to speak. 308
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