Question about 330 Baer shooting and load data

Don in SC

May 23, 2009
Mt. Rest, SC
I just picked up a Baer Custom rilfe in 330 Baer. As I understand it the 330 Baer and 338/416 Rigby are basicly the same cartridge. The rifle was built for a guy to hunt elk out west but desided it was to heavy. It weights 28#'s. I am thinking about using it for 1 mile match shooting here locally and am interested in what others are shooting in thier 330 Baer's or 338/416 Rigby's.

Here's a few photo's I hope of the Rifle.



Same gun with my NM M1A for size.


It's built on a Hall mag action, Kreiger SS Barrel, Vias break, Jewel Trigger ( I think ), MCM "Big Mac" stock, Baer 50 MOA scope base, Talley rings and NF BR scope. I got the rifle and scope as a package very cheap and five rounds of ammo. Still need brass, bullets and dies. Would really like to shoot 300 SMK's for the 1 mile matches if they will group well. This is my first big gun and am stoked to get it up and running. So, anyone have first hand experience with a 330 Baer or 338/416 care to share some tips?

Oh, and happy new year to all, Donald
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I couldn't quite grasp the 28 pounds until I saw your M1a next to it....**** that's a big one and 28 pounds no doubt...great looking rig. Sorry I have no info on 330 Baer but, hopefully some others might. If not here's Bruce Baer's website link...maybe you could ask them.

Baer Custom Rifles
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Search back under Darryl Cassel. Look back to about year 2005 and earlier. He used a 338 416 extensively to kill elk at long range. IIRC the rifle weighed about 60 pounds and was tripod mounted with a return to battery device. Loaded it with 872 and tamped it down with a 300 SMK. I believe his first rifle was built by Bruce and then his second rifle was built by Springarn (sp). Do not know if there were any differences in the case capacity.
330 Baer is not the same as the .338-.378 WBY. The Baer has a 35* shoulder and .007"/ in of body taper in the case. Your chamber most likely has a .365 nk.

Shoot me a PM and I'll give you all the data you need on the 330 Baer.
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