Question about angles. When shooting and products.

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    Sep 22, 2009
    OK Iam getting started in this long range stuff, got my rifle built and reloads are doing great now .for some important info. I have a spot where I love to go a big tall hill overlooking some small draws on one side and and the flat valley below on the other. I planning on shooting from up there . In the shooter balistic program in my Droid 2 .it asks for look angle and move angle. I have a Luca 1200 but it doesn't tell me my angle, if I buy a 1600 do I just put this angle it tells me in the look andge spot on shooter. Cheaper option is to buy an angle indicator that mounts to my scope or rail . Do I put this angle deg number where it says look angle ,in balistic program. And if so what is the move angle? Should I just use look angle and leave move anlge at zero.