Powders for 300RUM


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Dec 20, 2009
Boise, Idaho
I am looking at the reloading data sent to me from berger.
I have finally decided on a bullet weight, now I have to decide on a powder to use. Looking at the data for the 185gr berger bullet, the top performing powders are Retumbo, RE-25, Ramshot Magnum and RE-22. I have heard alot of good stuff about Retumbo, but you have to use alot. I have heard the Reloader powder is temp sensitive. I have not heard anything about Ramshot Magnum powders???
It also looks like the Norma MRP2 is pretty good too.
But what it doesn't list is what powders had the best accuracy. This is for a 300RUM
I know I am going to have to play with bullet seating depths, getting as close to the lands as possible.
Anyone have any opinions on these powders???
In your shoes I would start with Retumbo and never look back.
The RUM case has plenty of room so the slowest powders will work better.

Good Shooting.
I agree because I have been loading for long range for a good friend and have used a large variety of powders and have concluded that retumbo is the best.
I use the A-Max 208 gr. and it performs extremly well.
The "most accurate powder" will vary from rifle to rifle and from load to load. Having said that, the latest reloading manual from Nosler (edition #6) shows that the following powders were most accurate in Nosler's test rifle:

220 grain bullet - IMR 4350 (77.0 gr. with 2,835 fps)

200 grain bullet - Magnum (94.0 gr. with 3077 fps)

180 grain bullet - IMR 4350 (80.0 gr. with 3,125 fps)
for me.. best groups with 200 AB was with Ramshot magnum but velocity was down a bit. Best overall performance has been with RL 25. My gun didn't like retumbo. Most others have.
I too have been shooting the berger 185 vld hunting bullet (orange box) in my Lilja bbl 700 rem. I got the same e-mail for my bullet as above and the max was 96 grains of retumbo. I have shot alot of this stuff.. like 3 pounds now... and I am happy with the group size and it is working well at longer ranges. I shot a pound of RL-25 and was happy in group size out to 200 yards. After that it opened up. I am running 94 grains or retumbo now at a MV of 3060 to 3073.... That seems 200 fps slow for that set up?? was wondering what some other reloaders thought of that... Ive only been reloading for about 3 years now and Im a little scared to increase my charge to get more MV... as I am not so sure how to read preasure signs that well yet... confidence isue ??? I have a nice scope waiting for a drop turet to be finished and im not sure that my 94 grain load is the place to stop. I would like to get out to a 1000 yds in one rotation. As it is now im dialing 70- 1/3 moa clicks to get there. ( not a huskemaw) Im well in to the second rotation. Any advice from some one would be much appreciated...
My componets are
Rem neck sized brass trimmed to 2.840"
CCI 250 or fed 215 m
94 gr. retumbo
berger 185 vld
coal of 3.687" still fits in mag but alot of bullet jump 3.821" jammed.
27" bbl
MV 3063
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RL 25 and 210 bergers worked great for me and H-1000 for the 180 e-tip noslers.
Hey Dusty how do you like that barrel??? how long is it???
I am thinking when my barrel goes on my sendero I will get one of those brands. The sendero is is already a beast to carry so why not go all the way and maybe get like a 30" barrel, but then some where I read that you only get an extra 10fps from barrels over 26 inches. Just packing that thing will be quite the cardio workout. When all is said and done it will make a .408 cheytac feel like a feather...just kidding.
I love the lilja... it came as a blank of course... had my smith ream it and put a holland recoil lug on it. Beded in a HS prescision. The break in process was a bit of work but im glad i followed it. It cleans up good. I went one size under the sendero and it is fluted. It's 27" pluss a brake ... so its around 29" its heavy but its not a sheep gun. It sits on a quad or a horse till I get off and glass.
I get 3245fps out of my 27" lilja. Mine is a Sendero contour. If you want long range accuracy the weight is something you liive to learn with. You should get more than a 10fps gain when going from a 26 to a 30" barrel all things being equal. But each barrel will be slightly different, you could have a fast 26 beat a slow 28".
RE25. I have loaded for my own plus several other 300 Rums. All liked 180 Nosler Accubonds, Fed 215 primers and about 94.0 to 96.0 grains of powder. You will like the performance. Work up from below for safety.
Now I am probably wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that RE25 & 22 are temp sensitive???? At first I was thinking about Retumbo, but have started to look at Ramshot Magnum powder lately. But as per usual it seems everything I need to start reloading for my new gun is all on back order. Go figure
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