Please Help?


Oct 28, 2009
Clarkston, WA
Working on a old parker hale 243 win. for my friends dad. Anyway I go to start working up the load for him and start with mild load so that I can sight in the gun. I go to do the old poor man's bore scope and sight down the barrel and then adjust scope to get on the paper. I notice that the gun is severely aimed to the right. I go to adjust the scope and run out of adjustment. the gun shoots 14 inches to the left at 100 yards and I have no adjustment left . I pulled everything apart and made sure I had the right bases and everything was done just like the last twenty guns and found nothing wrong. Please tell me there is something simple that Iam overlooking!! the scope is a leupold 2x-7x gold ring vari-2. shouldn't the scope be close to the middle of adjustment and be lined up with the bore???
My guess is the holes for the base are out of line w/ the bore. If you have a Redfield-style base, the windage screws can adjust some of this out. One thing I always check when mounting a scope on a new (to me) rifle is that the mounts line up with the centerline of the bore.

While it could be the scope, I doubt it. Good luck!

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