PCA-Spectrum bullets

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    Nov 29, 2004
    Has anyone used any of these yet?

    <font color="red">Polymer-Cased Ammunition (PCA)Provides the shooter with Accurate, Consistent Performance. NATEC produces its PCA in the United States to meet ANSI/SAMMI Performance Specifications. Our State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility produces Superior Cartridge Cases froma polymer produced Exclusively for NATEC's PCA.

    </font> I have one box of 223rem that my cousin bought at Bass Pro (I believe). They shot fairly good as to what I expected. Looking at the casing about 3/8" at the bottom around the case head and web area is brass and the rest of the case is plastic. The tag on the box says 55gr Sierra Blitz and do not fire in fluted actions. Durring firing there eas no deformation of the case to my supprise.

    When he bought them the clerk at the store told him that they were reloadable, that the polymer had better memory than brass and would last longer.

    Any thoughts?
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    Nov 25, 2004
    The first time I saw these I thought "wow, that is a terrible idea!!!" now in all honesty, a case is nothing more than a powder container that becomes a gasket. Apparently at the operating pressures these cases see, these plastic ones work as both just like brass. That said, I don't think ill be reloading them any time soon. The whole thing about the plastic having better "memory" than brass is the bizarre. Im not sure what that would bring to the table even if it were true. The fired cases I have don't have enough "memory" to hold a bullet after being fired, so they would have to be sized. I can pinch the neck closed, and it pretty well springs back to round, so I seriously doubt they could be resized. I pulled the plastic portion from the brass base, and they are boxer primed, so they can be reprimed with regular tools.

    I will admit that I always assumed that this whole design was meant to be cheaper than producing "disposable" steel or brass cases for high volume shooters who don't reload (aka. the military ect...)

    Anybody care to argue against that assumption?