Out Past 40 Yards, it is All About Scopes

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    May 24, 2011
    Shotgun beads and lead shot are all you need to take turkeys cleanly out to 40 yards. It has been done that way for years. However, if you are ready to start expanding your range with HTL, scopes will give you a clear advantage. 4x is good, but I prefer the 2x – 7x variables. I grew up shooting scopes, so I am not afraid of a little more magnification.

    I also prefer the detail you can see with a pair of crosshairs. Rather than just pointing at the turkey, it is nice to be able to aim for a specific point on the neck. Making precise long range adjustments in elevation or windage are also much easier with crosshairs. When a tom is standing broadside and upright, figure about 30 inches from beak to tail. If they are head-on, figure they are about a foot wide. Use those measurements to adjust the crosshairs as needed. When they are facing down wind it makes things a lot easier.

    Scopes do add some weight to your rig, but the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot (puns intended ... that is t-shirt or bumper sticker material right there). :)

    As the saying goes, if the turkey is coming, let him come … but if he stops at 50 yards, put your crosshairs on him and smoke him right there! :D

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