40-Yard Pattern Counts

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    May 24, 2011
    Here are some guidelines you can use to determine if your choke is going to give you the distance you want with Hevi-Shot, Remington HD, Winchester Xtended Range, Hevi-13, or ITX Extreme Turkey Trauma-13. Remember, this should be based on a 3-shot average rather than your best pattern. There is some buffer built into these numbers (no pun intended), because your patterns will vary from shot to shot. As always, this is the total count in a 10-inch circle.

    3-shot Average at 40 Yards___________Maximum Effective Range
    110____________________________________~40 yards
    130____________________________________~45 yards
    165____________________________________~50 yards
    215____________________________________~55 yards
    315____________________________________~60 yards

    (Federal Heavyweight and TSS should get you farther with fewer hits at 40)

    This chart is not a replacement for actual shooting. You should spend a lot of time testing patterns at the maximum distance you plan to shoot.