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  1. jimmacwork

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    Apr 16, 2005
    Talk about wearing a subject out - this is it. But I suppose it will never be a dead horse. I want to hunt elk and deer in the Rockies where 300-600 yds is not uncommon. I'm really looking hard at the 300 Ultra Mag and love the ballistics. Then I look at the 270 Win and the ballistics (velocity, trajectory, and energy)really look good considering the HUGE decrease in RECOIL. My groupings started to suffer after about the 15th round with my old 7MM Mag, I assume from (I know real men should probably deny this)flinching. Any council from you seasoned hunters?
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    Jan 20, 2005
    First off I see this is your first post so welcome to LRH! Alright here goes. The big 300 ultra would make a great long range rig with all the 30 cal bullet options out there. It has 2 downsides. #1 of course is recoil but that can be taken care of with a high quality brake properly installed. Trust me the one I just had installed worked miracles on my 7 RUM! #2 your burning dump truck loads of powder which aint a bad thing but a 300 winnie or WSM will work just as good to 1000 yards and use less powder but you will have a little more drop to compensate for. I personally would grab the big 300 RUM and have a holland QD brake put on it and bed the action and have a blast shooting it. These are only my opinions and are worth about squat to people other than myself! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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    Jul 27, 2001
    My hunting is very similar except I throw in a moose every now and then. For this range, I wouldn't bother with a RUM. Too much of a good thing and I don't like carrying a 30" barreled rifle in the woods.

    The difference is slight in 24" barrels when compared to the WSM/Win Mag.

    My personal walk about rifle is a Savage 110 270. Used to be a '06 but like the better ballistics. Going to 600yds is no issue and the rifle is accurate enough to make the journey...once. I use 150gr SST.

    My cut block/stand rifle is a 6.5-06. Launching 140gr SST, again no issue within these ranges. Plus, the BC is much better then the 150gr 270. Hitting steel gongs at 750yds shows me these 140gr SST will have no issue laying any game I want in the back of my truck. I have a muzzle brake on this so recoil is pretty much zip. I need to spot my own shots. Rifle is 12lbs in a thumbhole lam stock. Not so portable.

    Because I am a continuous tinkerer, I now have a Savage in 7RM. Muzzle brake installed and I hope to fireform some brass this week. This one will be loaded with 162gr SST/Amax at around 3100fps, I hope. This is just more of a good thing and will allow me to hunt in a few locations where shots will go to 900yds. Rifle should weigh around 9lbs so easily portable to those secluded cut blocks. not so sure about the recoil side. Time will tell.

    Is the 7RM any better then the 270 or 6.5? NO but I like toys. Ballistically, all pretty close with the 7mm having the most punch. Will any animal care? Will your shoulder and ears?


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    Jun 12, 2001
    With a brake the recoil of the 300 Rum will be less than the 270 and if you get used to shooting at 600 yds you may well want to go out further.