Opinions on an All Copper or Bonded Long Range Bullet


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Jul 3, 2011
Posting on behalf of a buddy of mine looking for a long range-high BC 7mm Rem Mag bullet to be used on deer sized animals in eastern USA up to big Zebra-Elk sized game at long ranges.

Based on that I suggested to him Hammer Bullets and Nosler Accubond Lr's. He is also looking at Barnes LRX in 168gr but I am thinking that they might not expand much at long range plus the BC is only .550 G1. I also read of accuracy issues with Accubond Lr's.

Just looking for input from you all on above bullets as well as any other suggestions.

He is NOT interested in Bergers;)



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Dec 4, 2008
hauser, id.
Personally, I would stay away from the LRAB unless you were ONLY taking long shots! I would choose the ELDX instead.


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Mar 25, 2007
From my perspective as a bullet maker and long range hunter.

We have designed our bullets with two aspects that we will not compromise. Terminal performance and accuracy. We have tried to make higher bc bullets for hunting but wind up suffering in the terminal performance arena. bc is less important so we will not sacrifice to get it.

Also after the testing that we have done, regardless of the bullet you choose, it is very important to consistent terminal performance that you choose a bullet that gives an sg of 1.5 or higher using standard atmosphere at sea level. If this is done chances of disappointing results will be much less.

These are the criteria that I use to choose a bullet for a given rifle and then live with the max effective range that it will give. I use 1800fps impact as the floor for good terminal performance, (This is a personal opinion.) even if the bullet deforms as designed at lower vel. Most of our bullets work as designed well below this vel. We have gone through thousands of pounds of copper to find the copper that we currently use. It is a very soft copper that gives the terminal performance that we demand with none of the fouling problems associated with some mono copper bullets. Less copper fouling than jacketed bullets for that matter.

So yes long range is on the menu with Hammer Bullets.