Opinion on the 300RSAUM


Mar 7, 2009
I have a 300 SAUM that I have been thinking about toying around with. How does this round rate as a long range shooting and hunting caliber ? Its on a stock Ruger 77 MKII and I thought about re barreling it with a longer heavier barrel possible even with a brake to cut down on muzzle jump, but would kind of like to stay with the Saum. I would also change stocks and trigger if I decide to move forward. For the record it groups well at 100 now and its a beautiful gun so I have no idea why it is driving me crazy to do something with it ! I own many Rugers and I almost always re work them myself, float the barrels, change or stone the triggers, bed them and sometimes change barrels, but I might go farther with this one. Whats your opinion ?

Thanks, Stan
It sounds like you have a decent shooter there already. If I were going to go to all the trouble that you mentioned, I would probably leave the Ruger as is and get a Remington or savage action and start from scratch. You won't have any more invested and you'll have the Ruger to boot:D My opinion........Rich
The SAUM is equivalent to the WSM's. Remington just figured out how to achieve close to the same speeds with just a bit less powder. Unfortunately the SAUM's just never really took off. The WSM's eclipsed the SAUM's with speed and popularity. With a little research I did find out that the 7mm SAUM has a slight performance edge over the 7WSM, but only in efficiency and neck length for handling the bigger bullets. You may want to look into the 300WSM if you can bring yourself to do it IMHO. I own one and it shoots well when I get a good load put together.

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